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Unity Student plan
Access the real-time 3D development platform used by professionals to create immersive experiences. Eligibility: Free for students 16+ enrolled in accredited educational institutions, consenting to data collection and processing.
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Post-secondary students
Post-secondary students

Students enrolled at accredited degree-granting institutions.

Unity Educator grade 8-12
High school students

ELIGIBILITY: Students 16 years and older who are enrolled in an accredited educational institution and can consent to having their personal information collected and processed.

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Exclusive discounts and more

With the free Unity Student Plan, you’ll receive:

  • 20% off all assets in the Unity Asset store
  • A premium Synty asset bundle
  • The latest version of the Unity Editor
  • Access to the Unity Cloud ecosystem
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Build the skills you need for AR/VR, games, and more

Learn how to create interactive experiences with Unity, the real-time 3D software and workflows professionals use in industries like gaming, architecture, engineering, automotive, and entertainment.


Free Odin license to optimize your workflow

Unlock a free Odin Inspector and Validator license with your Unity Student Plan to save thousands of development hours. Inspect and modify variable values in real-time, accelerate debugging, and catch and correct coding mistakes to streamline your development workflow.

Synty Asset Pack

Accelerate your project with a 20% discount

Score a 20% discount on tons of ready-to-use assets and tools to fast track your development process. Spend less time developing assets from scratch and more time bringing your game visions to life. Plus, kickstart your projects with a free Synty asset bundle, including characters, environments, and more.

Made with Unity

Make your dream job a reality

Whether your goal is to build the next mobile blockbuster or reimagine how companies visualize their products, Unity unlocks the future. Prince of Persia and Demeo were made in Unity. Lexus, Microsoft, and ebay power their work with Unity. What will you create?

Access the latest Unity tools

Learn Unity tools tailored just for you. With Unity Cloud personal tier, you can streamline your real-time 3D development experiences to be more creator-focused, accessible, and connected.

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