Drive revenue with Unity's monetization solutions

Generate money for your app while delivering a great user experience with ads and in-app purchases (IAPs)

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Drive your app revenue and growth

Earn more for your app

Incorporate engaging ad formats in your placements and the Unity Ads Exchange will help you receive competitive bids from the leading advertisers and demand partners. Increase your revenue and achieve your retention goals without sacrificing your users’ experience.

Download and import the latest Ads SDK

For Unity developers (C#)

Access the Advertisements package directly from the Unity Package Manager in the Editor.

For iOS developers (Objective-C)

Access the iOS SDK from GitHub to integrate Unity Ads into your iOS project.

For Android developers (Java)

Access the Android SDK from GitHub to integrate Unity Ads into your Android project.

Monetization that puts you in control

Unity’s monetization solutions work seamlessly with your app and are designed to increase your revenue while providing a valuable user experience.

Diverse mobile ad formats

Integrate ads seamlessly into your app with diverse ad formats, such as rewarded video, full-screen interstitials, or banners.

Access to trusted ad demand

Connect to the Unity Ads Exchange with a single SDK to drive impressions and CPMs.

Reporting and insights
Reporting and insights

Monitor and refine your monetization strategy with visual reports and price setting tools in the Monetize Dashboard.

Ad content management tools
Ad content management tools

Stay in control by managing the ads that show in your app, block certain ads or categories, and make informed decisions by reviewing the estimated revenue impact of your choices all within the Unity dashboard.

IAP simplified

With Unity, you can enable in-app purchases across several app stores with a single unified API. This allows you to get the insight to fully understand and optimize your in-app economy.

Extensive Network Access

Access the Unity Ads Network through your preferred mediation provider. The Unity Ads Network is available for in-app bidding in Unity LevelPlay, and waterfall access in other ad mediations platforms.


Getting started

Ready to start? Visit Unity’s technical documentation for information on installing the Ads SDK and implementing various ad placement types in your app.

The guide to mobile game monetization strategies

Get a step-by-step guide on how to grow your mobile game, keep your players engaged, and measure your success.

Mobile Growth And Monetization 2023 report

Increase efficiency in your monetization and user acquisition strategies with data-backed insights to help you achieve more with less.

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Case studies

Pixel United leverages Ad Controls to save time and preserve revenue

Learn how Pixel United uses Ad Controls to balance keeping players happy while successfully monetizing their game with ads and in-app purchases (IAP).

Panzerdog makes major gains with Unity

How does a small gaming startup with bright engineers acquire the marketing tools and expertise to jump into a highly competitive market? Learn how Panzerdog created a sophisticated monetization strategy.

Discover how Gametion achieved global reach

Gametion used Unity ads to achieve 475 million installs since launch – the most of any Indian game developer to date. Find out how they did it.

Why Uken went exclusively with Unity Ads

After going exclusive with Unity Ads, Uken experienced a 15% increase over its baseline in engagement (sessions) and a 7% lift in retention.

Grow your user base

Grow your user base

Use the revenue you earn from monetizing to run powerful acquisition campaigns to attract new and valuable users to download and stay in your app.

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Frequently asked questions

What are some games that currently use Unity Ads?

Unity Ads solutions are trusted by thousands of game publishers and advertisers. From independent to enterprise studios, customers around the world rely on Unity Ads to monetize their games and acquire new users. Read more about our customer success stories here.

Which version of Unity Ads SDK should I be using?

The Unity Ads SDK is updated several times a year to add new features, fix bugs or address changes in the ad industry ecosystem. Get the latest Ads SDK here.

How much money can I expect to make with my game?

The average eCPM for Unity Ads depends on many factors, such as platform, region, player demographics and in-game placements. The biggest factor is the number of players playing your game. The ads monetization best practices guide provides advice on maximizing revenue through strategic implementation.

How does the payment process work?

Publishers can now receive automated payouts for their Unity Ads earnings every month. View our step-by-step guide to configuring automated payouts for your organization.

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