APPTUTTi enables mobile game distribution in China

APPTUTTi is your gateway to publishing ads-enabled games to app stores in China, the single most profitable mobile gaming market in the world. Sign up and submit now with UDP.


APPTUTTi is a portal to app stores throughout China, the single largest and most profitable mobile market in the world. With APPTUTTi, you'll have 24-hour access to tools and resources that will help you access the Chinese mobile game marketplace, as well as safeguard, sell, and seek success with your ads-enabled games.

About China

The Chinese mobile gaming market was estimated in 2020 to have 654 million users and saw $18.5 billion dollars in 2019, one-third of which was from foreign games. The number of mobile gamers is expected to rise to 772 million, and games-generated revenue to $32 billion, by 2024. Popular games in China are hyper-casual, strategy, and puzzle games.

APPTUTTi & UDP help devs release and succeed in China

With mobile game revenue on the rise in bustling app markets like China, there has never been a better time to publish your games and create a path to success for your studio. APPTUTTi will help you get into China, and UDP makes those paths easier to navigate. Sign up and start submitting with UDP today.

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