Learning Credits Additional Terms

Last updated July 1, 2020

These Unity Learning Credits terms (“Learning Credits Terms”), which supplement and incorporate the Unity Terms of Service, govern your use of any Learning Credit packages you purchase. By purchasing a Learning Credit package, you represent and affirm that you have read, understand and agree to be legally bound by and comply with these Learning Credits Terms. If you do not agree with these Learning Credits Terms, you are not authorized to use the Learning Credit package in any manner.

In addition to these Learning Credits Terms, your redemption of Learning Credits for Learning Services is subject to such additional terms and policies of the various Learning Services for which you redeem Learning Credits. These separate terms (including Unity’s Privacy Policy) are published by Unity, as part of the Unity Terms of Service, and also by its Learning Partners, as posted on their websites.

1. Learning Credits.

Learning Credits purchased during any Redemption Period are redeemable only on the Credit Redemption Platform during such Redemption Period and cannot be carried over to any subsequent Redemption Period; any credits that remain unused by you beyond the then-current Redemption Period will be forfeited. Subsequent Unity Learning Credit packages, as well as any additional Learning Credits, may be ordered for subsequent Redemption Periods at Unity’s then-current pricing.

Learning Credits are non-refundable.

2. Credit Redemption.

You may allocate Learning Credits to any of Unity’s Learning Products and Services, as set forth on the Unity Site, via the Credit Redemption Platform at the redemption values set forth in the Credit Redemption Platform.

In the event you redeem Learning Credits for Learning Services designed for individual participation, you will receive voucher codes that you will assign to your particular participants. The voucher codes are then redeemable as instructed to the participants by Unity.

In the event you redeem Learning Credits for Training Workshops or other Learning Services that require Unity’s participation, Unity will be notified and then reach out to you to agree on dates, times and locations of such Learning Services. In such event, the parties may agree to rely on Unity-provided services and materials, along with a Unity-issued order form, to define the details of such Learning Services. You must redeem Learning Credits at least thirty (30) days prior to the date on which you wish to schedule any Training Workshop. If you do redeem Learning Credits for a Training Workshop at least thirty (30) days before the end of the then-current Redemption Period, Unity may be unable to schedule a Training Workshop using the Learning Credits available.

In the event you redeem Learning Credits for a “custom” Training Workshop, such custom Training Workshop will be as described in one or more Statements of Work between you and Unity.

Neither Unity nor any Learning Partner will be required to perform any Learning Services or provide Materials for such Learning Services unless and until both parties have agreed to the times, dates and locations for such Learning Services and signed a Statement of Work, if applicable.

3. Learning Services Specific Terms.

The applicable terms and conditions for various Learning Services are found in Section 1.3 of the Unity Terms of Service. Additionally, Unity works with third-party Learning Partners and Unity-designated Learning Platforms to provide the Learning Services to you and your individual participants, and in some cases you or your participants will be prompted to create accounts, agree to applicable third party terms and conditions, and agree to or acknowledge third party privacy policies.

4. Your Obligations.

You will be responsible for delivering voucher codes and Materials (if any) you receive from Unity or its Learning Partners to the Learning Services participants. Generally, it is you or your designated individual participants’ responsibility to possess a computer with operating systems and software that are able to access the Learning Platforms and view Materials presented. As mutually agreed from time to time, you may also be responsible for providing facilities and/or equipment to be used by participants and/or Unity Personnel in conjunction with Training Services.

5. Ownership of Materials.

You acknowledge and agree that Unity and its Learning Partners shall retain all rights in and to their respective Intellectual Property Rights, and any and all Materials, where applicable, used during performance of the Learning Services shall remain Intellectual Property Rights of Unity or the Learning Partner.

Unity hereby grants to you a non-exclusive, royalty-free license to access Learning Platforms and use Materials, only to the extent necessary to enable you to exercise all of the rights granted to you hereunder. Any additional license grants in respect of the Learning Services and related Learning Platforms and Materials will be as between Unity (or its Learning Partner) and the individual Learning Service participant.

6. Confidentiality.

You acknowledge and agree that Unity may provide you with certain information that may be considered “confidential” to its Learning Partners for purposes of delivering the Learning Services described herein. To the extent you or any individual participant discloses information to Unity’s Learning Partners in connection with the delivery of the Learning Services, you and the individual participants may be bound by such confidentiality obligations as designated by such Learning Partners.

7. Mutually Explanatory Terms.

These Learning Credits Terms and any online terms of the applicable Learning Services and Materials are to be taken as mutually explanatory of one another and, in the case of ambiguities or discrepancies within or between such parts, the same shall be explained and interpreted, if possible, in a manner which gives effect to each part and which avoids or minimizes conflicts among such parts.

8. Definitions.

Credit Redemption Platform” means the third-party-hosted web platform where Learning Credits may be redeemed for Learning Services, subject to these Learning Credits Terms.

Intellectual Property Rights” means, collectively, a party’s worldwide patent rights, copyright rights, mask work rights, trade secret rights, know-how, moral rights, and any and all other intellectual property or proprietary rights.

Learning Credits” means a type of electronic currency that may only be redeemed for Learning Services via the Credit Redemption Platform.

Learning Partner(s)” means any one or more of Unity’s third-party licensors, partners or providers of the Learning Services, including operators of the Learning Platforms described herein and hosts of Materials.

Learning Platform(s)” means any Unity or third-party owned software, systems or platforms on which Materials are hosted and delivered or through which any Learning Services are performed.

Learning Services” means the various training workshops, certification exams, courseware and other Unity education products for which you may redeem Learning Credits via the Credit Redemption Platform hereunder.

Materials” means the documentation and materials, inclusive of video content and other content owned by or licensed to Unity, provided by Unity or its licensors in electronic or physical form. Materials are subject to additional terms between Unity and the individual participants as well as service terms of the Learning Partners.

Redemption Period” means the period of twelve (12) consecutive months corresponding with your initial purchase of Learning Credits.

Statement of Work” means a detailed description of a custom Training Workshop. Each Statement of Work will be signed by both parties, expressly refer to the Agreement, form a part of the Agreement and be subject to the terms and conditions set forth therein.

Training Workshop” means in-person/on-site or real-time/virtual training services performed by Unity Personnel together with any related Materials. Training Workshops will be as further designated in a Statement of Work for customized content or other mutually agreeable terms between the parties (inclusive of order forms) for generally-available instructional services and content.

Unity Personnel” means any Unity employee, any agent or other third party authorized by Unity to provide an onsite Training Workshop.