Unity Slices: Table

Gather around the table with friends.

Join us in an experimental mixed-reality demo that’s built to bring people together, whether you’re sharing a physical table, or sitting oceans apart. This exciting free social demo is available soon on App Lab.

A closer look

Experience the future of mixed reality (MR) with the latest moonshot-idea project from Unity Labs, built upon years of research and exploration. Connect with others as never before with:

  • Novel tactile interactions and hand tracking
  • Realism in social presence
  • Seamless transitions between realities (VR/MR/AR)

Connect with anyone, anywhere using passthrough VR for up to four players on the Quest 2.

Frequently asked questions

What is Unity Labs?

Unity Labs creates prototypes, releases new technologies, publishes scientific papers, gives talks, and works with academia and partners on advanced research. We celebrate moonshot ideas – every project and prototype brings us closer to what Unity will become. Labs projects are experimental in nature and meant to be enjoyed as such. Continued development and support of our projects is not guaranteed.

I have feedback, requests or partnership inquiries. Where can I send it?

We would love to hear it! Feel free to reach out through this feedback and inquiries form. We’ll be in touch shortly if a response is required.

I want to know how Slices is built. Can you share how?

Thank you, we are honored. We’ve been very transparent with the way we made design and implementation decisions for Slices, in past blog posts and interviews.  The app is made with Unity and leverages solutions from Unity Gaming Services - including elements from its Multiplayer suite such as Netcode (beta) for GameObjects, Relay (beta) and Lobby (beta), and its Vivox solution - to deliver a connected and rich social XR experience. Slices is still very much a work in progress, so stay tuned for updates.

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