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Podcast: Marketplace Morning Report’s ‘Skin in the Game’
Nov 20, 2023|2:0 Min
Podcast: Marketplace Morning Report’s ‘Skin in the Game’

Recently, I had the distinct pleasure to sit down with Unity Charitable Fund grantee Gameheads and Marketplace Morning Report podcast host David Brancaccio to talk about increased representation in gaming.


Every day, our team learns of new ways changemakers are reshaping the industry to create more inclusive opportunities and communities. For nearly 10 years, Gameheads – a multi year Unity Charitable Fund grantee – has cultivated game development skills and industry opportunities for youth from underrepresented communities in Oakland, California. Through the use of video game design, development, and DevOps, young people ranging in age from 11–23 gain skills in the tech ecosystem, preparing them for college, careers, and everyday life.

For the Marketplace Morning Report episode “Skin in the Game: Tech Leaders Roundtable,” I was joined by fellow Gameheads partners Kevin Johnson of Double Fine Productions and Trinidad Hermida of the Black in Gaming Foundation to discuss the opportunities we are seeing and the work being done to foster a more inclusive games industry. In addition to technical and durable skill development, we hope to ensure work environments are more welcoming of diverse perspectives.

I invite you to learn more about this amazing collaboration and hear from these trailblazers by listening to the full episode, “Skin in the Game: Tech leaders roundtable,” hosted by David Brancaccio.

To date, Unity Social Impact has awarded more than $8 million in grants to empower creators driving positive, inclusive change across the areas of education, digital health and wellbeing, and sustainability. If this sounds like you, learn more about and apply for our latest grant opportunity, the Unity for Humanity 2024 Grant.