Redeem Unity Academic Alliance membership

Product claim
How to redeem Unity Pro email

Email confirmation

Welcome to Unity.

When your purchase has been processed, we will send a confirmation email to the main account holder. This email includes a token link to redeem your purchase, which is unique to your order. 

This email also includes instructions on how to set up and configure your organizational Unity account and assign seats to individual users within your Organization.

Unity ID Sign in

Account login

To complete the setup, you must be logged in to Unity as the Organization owner. If you’re not logged in already, you will be redirected to Unity’s online login portal. You can log in using the email address and password of your Organization’s main account holder. 

You can also create a new account here, sign in with Google or Facebook, or retrieve a forgotten password.

Unity Redeem Pro License Select Organization

Select Organization

Once you have logged in with your Organization manager Unity ID, you can access the Select Organization tab. Choose the Organization you would like to use to associate with your Unity Academic Alliance Membership. 

If needed, select Add new to create a new Organization.

Confirm your information

Product confirmation

Once you’ve chosen an organization to assign the subscription, the confirmation page displays Unity’s Terms of Service and the License agreement.

Once you’ve selected Confirm subscription, you can no longer transfer the service(s) between organizations.

Unity Product Management Organizations


When the account owner has claimed the newly purchased product(s), you can manage seats for the Organization.

Select the Organization on the Organizations page and select the Subscriptions & Services tab or select Manage (gear icon) on the subscription.


Seat management

Seat management

Key assignment for UAA member portal access is seat-based (one per user). Once a user has a seat assigned, they can access the Unity Academic Alliance Member Portal after signing into the Unity Learn site.

How to redeem Unity Reflect revoke seat

Seat reassignment

If needed, you can reassign seats to different users. To return a license, select the current active user and click Revoke Seat(s) to free a seat, which you can then assign to a different user.

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