Film, animation and cinematics

From pitchvis to post-production, Unity’s animation tools are making it easier for filmmakers, animators, and artists to harness the power of real-time cinematic creation.

Background image of Baymax Dreams

Create, iterate, collaborate – in real-time

Unity is speeding up traditional pipelines with real-time workflows, giving artists, producers, and directors greater creative control with faster feedback, more collaborative artistic iteration, and fewer workflow hurdles in animation projects.

Animation Sizzle Reel 2022: real-time animations, made with Unity


Real-time animation

Streamline the production process with faster rendering, real-time editing, and greater flexibility.

Faster iteration

Realize your vision as fast as you can create it. Remove barriers to artistic experimentation with shared compositions, accelerated rendering, and automation of non-creative tasks. Get dailies out faster, shorten review cycles, or export for compositing, all with Unity’s real-time animation tools.

Creation at scale

Create content across platforms and projects with ease. Build and iterate on large volumes of assets quickly using Unity’s editing and sequencing tools, and orchestrate timing, angles, movements, and cues in real-time without code. Experiment with lights, cameras, and actions to perfect your scene..

An animated hand is cutting Sprout with a scissor


Wider integration and smooth collaboration

Exchange models, animations, cameras, lighting, and FX between Unity and most digital content creation tools. With Alembic, USD, and FBX workflows, you can work in real-time with the same formats as your asset pipeline and use the right file for any job.

Render beautiful visuals

Create cinematic shots in real-time. Unity’s High Definition Render Pipeline (HDRP) puts professional lookdev and VFX tools in your artists’ hands with physically based rendering, real-time ray tracing, visual shader creation, and next-level effects simulations.

Journey to YourLand still

Still taken from “Journey to YourLand” courtesy of The Pack

Real-timesavers for everyone in the studio

Sophisticated camera tooling

Easily create different types of camera systems with Unity’s codeless cameras for real-time filmmaking. Aim, focus, and experiment with dollies, tracking, shake, and post-FX.

Simplified linear content creation

Accelerate the creation of your cinematic with automated sequences. Create shots in just a few clicks, keep project structure tidy with asset organization, and integrate with Recorder for simplified rendering.

Facial rigging made easy

Generate film-quality facial rigging for 3D characters in as a little as one hour. Train realistic or stylized character meshes using  proprietary machine learning algorithms.

Unity animation tools in action

Unity’s real-time animation tools helped bring these incredible projects to life.

Journey to YourLand

Create your first animated short

Join 3D animator Nathan Thomas as he takes you through his animated short, “Big Friendly Killbots.” Aimed at beginners, this guide will help you learn how to set up an animation workflow, create a new project in Unity, import assets, and even shoot scenes with the Unity Virtual Camera.

Ready for real-time?

Spend more time in the creative flow with a complete toolchain for 3D creation, simulation, and rendering – for any size or style of project. Discover the latest artistry tools for everything from stylized characters to dynamic vegetation.

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