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Road to the Metaverse, Executive Series, Episode 1: Accelerating into the Metaverse
May 12, 2022

Journey with Ryan Peterson, Unity’s VP of professional services, as he tackles the why and how behind this new era of consumer and social experiences called the metaverse. In Episode 1, Ryan presents his interpretations of the metaverse, and Unity’s role in enabling businesses across a range of industries to realize the full potential of their data.

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RYAN PETERSON / UNITYVP of Accelerate Solutions

Ryan leads Unity’s professional services group, Accelerate Solutions. The Accelerate Solutions team offers bespoke consulting and development services to a broad range of industries from game & film studios to energy, retail, and manufacturing companies.

Before Unity’s acquisition in May 2020, Ryan was the CEO and co-founder of Finger Food, a company built on creating custom solutions for clients looking to digitally transform their business using real-time 3D and other emerging technologies.

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