Ziva VFX

Ziva VFX simplifies how characters are created. From photorealistic to fantasy-based and stylized, populate your worlds with characters that excite and engage your audience.

Create incredible characters and creatures

Ziva VFX is changing how 3D characters are brought to life for film, games, and interactive experiences. With Ziva’s intuitive toolset as a plug-in for Maya, artists can replicate the effects of physics and simulate any soft-tissue material, including muscles, fat, and skin, to create blockbuster-quality assets with ease.

Key benefits

Accelerate workflows

Unlock creative potential with Ziva’s pre-simulated models. Save time on technicalities and corrections, free up space for artistic vision, and embrace creative iteration without manual sculpting.

Nova posed stages
Automate menial tasks

Streamline creativity, minimize uncertainty, and automate animation changes without disrupting anatomy. Automatic simulation updates to all scenes prevent issues like clipping or inconsistencies.

Achieve better final creative

Ziva VFX simplifies model correction, ensuring physically correct movement for characters, creatures, and cloth. Simulations match design language and provide consistent deformations for seamless project integration.

Andrew Anderson, Senior Character Setup/Finaling TD, Sony Pictures Imageworks on his use of Ziva VFX in The Sea Beast

"Ziva helped in the iteration part of the character finalling for Red and Blue. With the volume compensation and giving a better base to do shapes on top of it, [Ziva] saved us around 30% of the finalling time on each character."

Andrew Anderson, Senior Character Setup/Finaling TD, Sony Pictures Imageworks on his use of Ziva VFX in The Sea Beast
Devan Mussato, Rigging Supervisor, Scanline VFX

"Creating realism in creatures and humans has always been challenging, Ziva [VFX] makes that journey much easier with impressive lifelike results."

Devan Mussato, Rigging Supervisor, Scanline VFX
Case study

Ziva VFX in action

Discover how Chocolate Tribe used the accelerated workflow of Ziva VFX to create a feature film-quality rendering of Muhammad Ali for a commercial production.


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