Unity EdLab

Immerse your students in real-time 3D development with engaging, project-based STEAM learning experiences.

Make real-time 3D learning engaging, accessible, and fun

Unity EdLab’s cloud-based development platform makes it easy to bring high-quality real-time 3D (RT3D) education into the classroom. Equip your secondary students to problem-solve, communicate creatively, and build their own gaming innovations in a way that captures their imaginations.

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Teach with confidence, no matter your skill set

Unity EdLab includes a suite of ready-to-use resources, making it a complete classroom solution for game design and computer science programs. With access to lesson plans, tutorials, professional development for educators, and more, you’ll have everything you need to engage students in effective, interactive real-time learning.

Empower youth to thrive in high-demand careers

Unity proficiency is in high demand across a wide and ever-growing number of industries. With Unity EdLab, students can unleash their creativity and develop the skills needed to thrive in tech and creative careers. Prepare your students for future success as game developers, artists, architects, filmmakers, and more.

What's included

Cloud-based 3D development platform

Students and educators can access the Unity platform remotely on most computers with an internet connection, no installation or high performance hardware required.

Flexible instruction

Suggested learning pathways and resources provide fluency in computer science and game development principles while allowing you to adjust lesson plans as needed.

Educator Portal

A centralized web portal provides access to lesson plans, tutorials, instructional materials, assets, student activities, and other resources for educators.

Standards-aligned learning

Set educators and students up for success with teaching materials that align to key standards including ISTE and AP Computer Science Principles.

Certification preparedness

Get students ready for the Unity Certified User: Programmer exam so they can prove their abilities to future employers.

Sean Wybrant, 2017 Colorado Teacher of the Year

Unity has inspired kids I know around the world, opened opportunities for them to get internships at Lockheed Martin and the Smithsonian Digitization Office, and allowed them to build alternative futures for themselves. Students should have the chance to build the world they want to inherit, and Unity makes that possible.

Sean Wybrant, 2017 Colorado Teacher of the Year
Yvie Raij, Teacher, Balboa High School

I’m teaching 21st century skills including creativity and critical thinking. With Unity, my students can manifest their world with a huge range and breadth in what they can build.

Yvie Raij, Teacher, Balboa High School

Educator resources

Create with VR for Educators

A course designed for educators who want to equip their students with the skills needed for high-demand careers in virtual reality (VR) development.

Educators Live series

Free professional development sessions covering a wide range of topics, facilitated by Unity Education and our educator community.

Unity Teach community

A global community of educators who teach Unity. Learn about best practices from your peers, find inspiration, and stay connected with Unity education initiatives.

Frequently asked questions

What grade levels does Unity EdLab serve?

Unity EdLab is a classroom solution that empowers educators to create enriching learning experiences for real-time 3D development (RT3D) across STEAM subjects (Science, Tech, Engineering, Art, Math) for secondary students ages 13 through 18.

Do I need to be proficient in Unity to teach it?

No matter the technical skill set, educators can easily implement Unity EdLab in their classroom to prepare students for emerging careers. Robust lesson plans, tutorials, and professional development equip educators with best practices and industry-leading knowledge to develop or enhance existing STEAM programs.

What tech is needed to use Unity EdLab in my classroom?

Unity EdLab includes a cloud-based 3D development platform built to work on low-performance computers without the need for installation.  Students and educators need an internet connection with bandwidth of 5-10Mbps and a device (such as a Chromebook) with a keyboard that runs a browser.

What is included in Unity EdLab?

Unity EdLab includes a flexible computer science principles and game development curriculum, the Unity cloud-based real-time 3D development platform, and an Educator Portal with access to lesson plans, tutorials, student activities, and more.

What is real-time 3D development?

Real-time 3D content is dynamic and responsive, and Unity is the leading platform for creating and operating this type of media. Creators ranging from game developers to artists, architects, automotive designers, filmmakers, and others use Unity to bring their imaginations to life.

What type of school setting is Unity EdLab for?

Unity EdLab is a flexible program that can be implemented across various classroom settings and course lengths, from virtual to in-school and half-year to year-long.

How do I redeem my Unity EdLab subscription?

You will receive an email within a week of completing your purchase containing instructions on how to claim your subscription and assign seats for the Unity EdLab Educator Portal and Unity EdLab Editor. Additionally, you can view the detailed redemption guide

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