Parsec for Teams powers the hybrid workplace

Parsec’s proprietary ultra low-latency remote access connects teams to their hardware from anywhere. Maintain workflows, collaborate seamlessly, and forget you’re OOO.

Connect to your computer from anywhere

Parsec’s so fast you’ll forget you’re somewhere else

Connect to your computer from anywhere in silky smooth, 60FPS UHD video. Parsec’s proprietary technology eliminates lag, and makes it feel like you’re sitting in front of your computer. Plug in a drawing tablet, a gamepad, and a couple monitors, and you’ve got the ultimate remote work setup.

Collaborate from anywhere on the fly

Team members can work together with the click of a button, delivering feedback, expertise, or assistance on a task. Make computers available to teams on-demand, or even schedule guest invites to freelancers, journalists, or people outside your organization for limited periods of time.

Collaborate from anywhere on the fly

Secure access whenever you need it

Secure access whenever you need it

Parsec for Teams locks down computers to only people on your team with the right permissions. All connections are peer-to-peer and encrypted, and your data never touches our servers. Plus, with enforced single sign-on, granular admin privileges, and group permissions management, your team can connect with confidence.

Built for gaming. Perfect for everything

Parsec’s applications are practically limitless. Creators working remote choose Parsec.

Game Development

Parsec was built for gaming. That makes it perfect for game development. Hundreds of art, design, and development teams work flexibly thanks to Parsec.

Demos & Events

Parsec powers remote gameplay demonstrations for the most anticipated titles, from AAA powerhouses to indie darlings.

User Research & Testing

Remote user research, playtests, content testing, and QA for the world’s biggest names in interactive entertainment is made possible through Parsec.

Post Production

Access studio machines on-prem or in the cloud from anywhere in perfect color without missing a frame.

Architecture, Engineering, and Construction

Whether doing daily computer assisted drafting, modeling an interior, or running simulations, Parsec provides the most performant experience out there.


Instantaneous access to broadcast equipment in full fidelity means you can leave the truck in the garage and go live from anywhere.

Best in class features to support your flexible team

Parsec for Teams is an end-to-end solution whether you’re working from anywhere or managing a distributed team

On-Demand Desktop Access

Get to work with the click of a button with Parsec’s best-in-class peer to peer streaming technology.

Robust Admin Experience

Add/remove team members, adjust connection privileges, and standardize how your team connects.

Seamless Collaboration

Share a link with a colleague and work together, whether you’re pairing on a task, reviewing a project, or need some guidance.

Flexible Display Options

Create your perfect home office. Stream up to three monitors at the same time from the same machine, with custom resolution options, improved color mode, and virtual displays.

Advanced Security Settings

Enforce single sign-on (SSO) across your team, provision team computers, and download detailed logs of your team’s usage.

Enterprise Tools

Upgrade to Parsec for Enterprise to leverage a high-performance relay server, automations via the Parsec for Teams API, and role based access.


Individuals (Warp)
$8 per user, per month. Paid annually.

Includes professional features to get the job done:

  • Multi-monitor displays
  • Improved colors through 4:4:4 mode
  • Virtual monitors
  • Privacy mode
  • Full drawing tablet support with pressure + tilt
Parsec for Teams
$30 per user, per month. Paid annually.

Securely connect a team to their computers. All the features included with Warp, plus:

  • Secure access to your team’s computers
  • Enforced SSO through SAML
  • Granular permissions management
  • Adjustable app features and settings
  • Team computer management
  • Audit logs (last 7 days)
Parsec for Enterprise
For large organizations. Get in touch to discuss pricing.

Deploy Parsec across large organizations. Includes everything in Parsec for Teams, plus:

  • High performance relay for added performance and security
  • Unlimited usage logs
  • Parsec’s Teams API access for automations
  • Granular admin roles (RBAC)

Frequently asked questions

Can I demo Parsec for Teams?

We don’t have a demo available, but you can sign up risk free and cancel at any time. If you and your team aren’t happy with parsec after you’ve signed up, let us know and we’ll handle a refund. We’re pretty sure you’ll love it.

Does Parsec have an SLA?

We have a near perfect uptime record, but we also offer SLAs to our enterprise customers.

Do you offer volume discounts?

We put together plans for large organizations that require more than 500 team members. Contact us to learn more.

How can I restrict connections inside my network?

Parsec for Teams comes with the ability to block computers inside your network from hosting connections via Parsec. The high-performance relay is available to Enterprise customers so your team can connect through a relay point in your firewall.

How do I pay for Parsec for Teams?

We accept all major credit cards. You can sign up month to month, or save by enrolling for a year. You can also sign up for annual invoicing by going right to the source and contacting us.

Can I use Parsec for free?

Anyone can use Parsec to play games, but you can only use Parsec for commercial purposes if you have a license to do so. Plus, who doesn’t want multi-monitor support or secured computer connections?

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