Unity On-Demand Training subscription

Learn when and where you want with hundreds of hours of training content designed for professional creators – all on one platform.

/yr per seat
Annual plan, prepaid yearly
  • Annual plan, prepaid yearly
  • Annual plan, paid monthly
Get free access to On-Demand Training with your Unity Pro subscription, including an exclusive 8-part visionOS course ($600 value). Get the bundle

Develop for visionOS with Unity

Get self-paced and video-based learning with our exclusive 8-course series and start developing for visionOS with Unity today. Courses include:

  • Intro to developing for visionOS with Unity LIVE
  • Developing visionOS Mixed Reality Apps with Unity LIVE
  • Unity Input System for visionOS LIVE
  • Unity Shader Graph for visionOS mixed reality LIVE
  • Spatial user interface (UI) and user experience (UX) COMING SOON

Self-paced learning for every professional

Properly trained employees are more efficient and productive which ultimately results in a better bottom line for your business. With Unity On-Demand Training, you and your team will have the flexibility to learn when and where you want. Access hundreds of hours of professional training content and learn on your schedule and at your pace.

Learning designed for your success

Invest in your professional growth and log in from anywhere at any time with On-Demand Training.

Flexible training

Set your own learning roadmap with online training that is available when you are. Each course is recorded in video sessions of 5–7 minutes, making it easier to slot training into any schedule.

Measurable results

Each course includes course assessments and practice projects to test and apply the skills learned from each course. Use the Manager Dashboard to track and measure your team’s learning metrics.

Leverage Unity expertise

All materials are created by our experienced training designers and taught by Unity Certified Instructors. Our instructors are up to date on the most recent features and releases so your team always receives the best training possible.

Courses available with On-Demand Training

View all available On-Demand Training courses. Make sure you’re logged into your Unity account and click on the link below to see course descriptions, detailed course outlines, time durations, and difficulty levels.

Alfonso Villar, CEO, Playspace

“Especially with engineers, there’s a tendency to want to figure everything out yourself. But letting someone teach you a few tricks can save a lot of time and money. Unity Professional Training helped Playspace take a giant leap forward.”

Alfonso Villar, CEO, Playspace

Ready to sign up for On-Demand Training?

Get more out of Unity than you thought possible with our On-Demand Training courses. Learn on your own schedule and at your own pace with pre-recorded courses that you can watch as many times as you’d like. Reach out to a Unity sales representative today to get started.

Frequently asked questions

What languages are the courses offered in?

Currently, all courses are available only in English.

How much does the Unity On-Demand Training subscription cost?

Unity On-Demand Training subscription costs $600 per year/per seat.

What courses are available with my On-Demand Training subscription?
  • Prototype Design Concepts for Mobile Applications
  • Profile and Optimize Unity Applications
  • Develop Real-Time 3D Applications with Unity
  • Manage Content with the Addressable Asset System
  • Optimize User Interfaces in Unity
  • Prepare CAD Assets for Unity with Pixyz Studio
  • Develop Interactive User Interfaces in Unity
  • Optimize Memory and Asset Management in Unity
  • Develop VR Application with XR Interaction Toolkit
  • Create Animated Stories in Unity
  • Create High Fidelity Lighting in the High Definition Render Pipeline
  • Profile and Optimize Android Applications with Android Studio
  • Design and Develop Data-Oriented Applications with DOTS
  • Create Real-time Visualization with Reflect and Unity Pro
  • Develop Mobile AR Applications with Unity
  • Develop 3D Mobile Games with Unity
  • Building Interactivity with Timeline
  • Create Compelling Shots with Cinemachine
  • Get Started with Real-time 3D Using Forma
  • Get Started with C# in Unity
  • Program Interactions with C# Scripting in Unity
  • Get Started with 2D Art in Unity
  • Get Started with 3D Art in Unity
  • Explore Special Topics in 3D Art in Unity
Do I need to purchase a seat for every Unity license user on my team?

No, you can purchase the amount of seats you need, however courses will be developed at all skill levels to benefit your entire team if you choose.

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