Unity Safe Voice Consent

By consenting to the use of voice chat, you agree that your voice and player ID may be recorded and monitored for the purposes of moderation and training moderation models on the basis of consent. In some jurisdictions, voice data may be considered biometric data.

If you choose to not turn on voice chat now, or choose to turn it off later, you can still participate in the game, but you will be unable to communicate using our voice chat. You can turn off voice chat in the settings menu at any time.

Unity Technologies and the Game Developer are independently responsible for the collection and use of this data. Under EU law, we are Independent Controllers.

This data may be accessed, transferred, stored etc., in any province in Canada, European Economic Area, Switzerland, United States, Philippines, and Sri Lanka. It will be shared within Unity Technologies and with the Game Developer, and vendors for the purpose of providing, maintaining, and improving the service. We retain this data in an identifiable format for 12 months for model training. If you wish to request access, correction or deletion of this data, please do so through the Game Developer.

Unity’s privacy and security measures in place include:

  1. Dedicated Privacy and Security teams to ensure protection of the information. Unity employees are required to undergo privacy and security training.
  2. All information is encrypted in transit and at rest.
  3. Biometric data will be destroyed upon request or after 12 months.
  4. Access to the data is controlled with application level Role Based Access Control and Identity and Access Management. Access to data is logged and may be audited.
  5. Incident response team and process to react in the event of a data incident, such as a data breach.
  6. Scanning tools to detect vulnerabilities in software dependencies, compromises, misconfigurations, and more across all our infrastructure.
  7. Third parties who have access to data are under contractual obligation to protect the privacy and security of the data. They are further obligated to notify Unity in the event of a data incident, such as a data breach.

For more information on our privacy and security practices, including how to contact Unity to exercise your privacy rights, please refer to our Privacy Policy.