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Knowledge unboxed: The top learning tools of 2023
ELLEN FLAHERTY / UNITY TECHNOLOGIESSenior Manager, Learning Experience Design
Jan 22, 2024|7:0 Min
Knowledge unboxed: The top learning tools of 2023

The past year was an exciting one for Unity Learn. What educational journeys did creators take in 2023? What adventures did they get into as they explored new tools, or built experimental games? Let’s get into some highlights.

Unity Learn saw:

  • 4.2 out of 5 average content rating
  • 12,000 pathway completion badges issued
  • 36.2% of users who start with Unity Learn still use the Editor 6 months later

Read on to find out more about the year that was and discover top-performing content to help you make your creative goals come true with Unity in 2024.

Best of the best

With content ranging from bite-sized tutorials to larger projects, courses, and learning pathways, Unity Learn allows you track your progress, earn badges, and bookmark any resources that look interesting. If you’re just getting started, look no further than this roundup of our most popular content from 2023.

Top tutorials
Representative image for the “Get ready for Unity Essentials” Unity Learn tutorial

Short, step-by-step tutorials help you explore specific features or skills. These are our top three tutorials of 2023.

Get ready for Unity Essentials

New to Unity? This tutorial, the first in the Unity Essentials Pathway, teaches you the foundations for using the Unity Editor, so you can confidently create real-time 3D experiences and bring your vision to life.

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Publish your first mobile runner game

Build and publish your own mobile runner game with ease thanks to this tutorial. The template provided accelerates the game development process. It also includes end-to-end runner game mechanics, custom presets, and a level editor.

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Get started with the Unity Hub

This tutorial provides you with a tour of the Unity Hub, the Editor, and the Package Manager in order to get you comfortable with using each feature.

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Popular projects
Representative image for the “Roll-a-Ball” Unity Learn project

Projects help you create a Unity application, with opportunities to mod and experiment. Give our most downloaded projects from last year a try.


Use this project to learn how to write custom scripts and create UI for your first game. In it, you’ll use the Editor and its built-in capabilities to set up a simple game environment, write scripts, and more.

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Introduction to Visual Scripting

This is the perfect place for creators of all levels to start learning about Visual Scripting. This project introduces you to the different windows and tools in our Visual Scripting user interface.

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Creator Kit: RPG

The RPG Creator Kit is made for intrepid adventurers who love completing NPC quests to fill up their inventory. This code-free kit helps you focus on learning about the Editor and customizing a game based on your own ideas and interests. Plus, when completed, you’ll have a game to share with friends.

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Curiosity-minded courses
Representative image for the “Create with AR: Markers and Planes” Unity Learn course

We design courses that allow you to explore a topic in depth using step-by-step resources. Check out which ones were most popular in 2023.

Create with Code

Program your own exciting projects from scratch using C#. This course will transform you from beginner to capable Unity developer as you iterate with prototypes, tackle programming challenges, and develop your project. It is also a stepping stone for the Unity Certified User Programmer exam.

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Create with VR

In this course, learn to design and develop VR applications by creating prototypes, attempting challenges, and completing quizzes that will build and solidify your skill set. You’ll also be guided through creating a VR project from start to finish, beginning with a blank design document and ending with a fully functional project.

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Create with AR: Markers and Planes

Learn how to create AR apps that respond to a user’s physical environment in this course. Anchoring AR content to real-world objects, like markers and flat surfaces, produces more compelling, grounded, and immersive AR experiences – which you’ll know all about when you’re finished.

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Pick-me-up pathways
Side-by-side view of the badges for the Unity Essentials, Junior Programmer, and Creative Core badges for Unity Learn pathways

Build all the skills you need to master the Editor with our free online pathways. These learning journeys, designed by Unity creators, for Unity creators, all build on one another to make achieving your goals as simple as just “following a path.” Start your journey with our top most-completed pathways of the last year.

Unity Essentials

New to Unity? This guided experience includes everything you need to get started. Designed for any beginner, this is a great first step toward gaining the background, context, and skills you need to confidently create in the Unity Editor and bring your vision to life.

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Junior Programmer

Ready to code? Designed for anyone interested in learning to code or obtaining an entry-level Unity role, this pathway assumes a basic knowledge of Unity and has no math prerequisites. It also prepares you to get Unity Certified so that you can demonstrate your job-readiness to employers.

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Creative Core

Looking to go deeper? Level up your core understanding of Unity by focusing on the creative aspects of the engine. Creative Core is an excellent next step toward becoming a Unity creator. With Unity Essentials as a foundation, this free pathway will teach you all the elements you need to know in order to bring your projects to life with Unity.

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