Unity Pro subscriber benefits

Your exclusive Pro benefits will help you solve problems and develop faster. 

If you have an active Unity Pro seat, you automatically have access to the following benefits:

  • Unity Learn Premium
  • Unity Success Advisor
  • Priority Customer Service
  • 20% off Asset Store benefit
  • Up to three seats of Unity Teams Advanced
Yggdrasil, Volume 1 of the Unity Icon Collective available on the Asset Store

Free access to Volume 1 of the Unity Icon Collective ($249 value)

Unity Pro subscribers now get free access to Volume 1 of the Unity Icon Collective, Yggdrasil. This stunning AAA package includes characters, animations, environments, music, sound, cameras, timeline, source files, trailers, and concept art. Yggdrasil was created by a hand-picked team of professionals with over 40+ years of combined industry experience working on world-class productions of games and movies. 

Deepen your Unity expertise with free access to Unity Learn Premium ($165 value)

Included in Pro, Unity Learn Premium is the best way to master Unity, build advanced real-time 3D development skills, and stay up to date with the latest Unity release and industry best practices.

Get personalized support with priority access to Unity Success Advisors

Your Unity Success Advisor will help you find diverse tools and resources to develop faster with Unity; keep you updated with the newest features available with your subscription and leverage your subscription services to supplement your development.

Get faster answers with Priority Customer Service

Get prioritized customer service for your Unity licenses and account, Asset Store issues and other non-technical issues.

Help your team create together faster

Unity Pro includes up to three seats of Unity Teams Advanced which enables faster teamwork. Save, share and sync projects easily with entire team; streamline the creation and distribution of multiple-platform builds to your entire team, store entire projects in the cloud and more.

Host and test your multiplayer games

The new Multiplayer Game Server Hosting service is coming soon. Pro subscribers will be able to host an instance of your Unity multiplayer project on a cloud-powered machine. With Multiplayer Game Server Hosting, you can develop and playtest your real-time multiplayer game, and conduct testing, including remotely, in a real-world networked environment.

Boost productivity with 20% off top-rated assets in the Asset Store

Save on thousands of top-rated, high-quality assets, and get your project to the finish line sooner.

We’re here to help you succeed

You can always reach out to your Success Advisor if you have any questions. And remember to sign up for your weekly Unity Buffbot boost of tech and creative know-how.

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