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Unity Plus subscriber benefits

Your exclusive Plus benefits will help you accelerate your learning and development. 

If you have an active Unity Plus seat you automatically already have access to the following benefits:

  • Unity Success Advisor
  • 20% off Asset Store benefit
  • Expert Live Sessions

In order to access the following benefits you can activate “1 year, prepaid Immediate Renewal” in your Unity ID:

  • One asset free per seat
  • 25GB cloud storage
  • Unity Game Dev Courses
Learn the fundamentals with 12 months of Unity Game Dev Courses
($144 value)

Unity Game Dev Courses are the best way to learn game development. Start with Unity fundamentals, such as how to build a Unity game, from producing scripts, animating objects, lighting and more. Continue on to dedicated Art, Design and Programming tracks.

Get 25GB Unity Cloud Storage
With prepaid plan only. ($60 value)

Store entire projects in the cloud, so they’re backed up and accessible anywhere.

Finish faster with direct access to Unity Experts
($240 value)

Overcome complex challenges via our Expert Live Sessions with Unity engineers. Sessions include technical training and Q&As. Attend one session per month that cover optimal use of key Unity systems and toolsets.

Get personalized support with limited access to Unity Success Advisors

Your Unity Success Advisor will help you find diverse tools and resources to develop faster with Unity; keep you updated with the newest features available with your subscription and leverage your subscription services to supplement your development.

Boost productivity with 20% off top-rated assets in the Asset Store

Save on thousands of top-rated, high-quality assets, and get your project to the finish line sooner.

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