Unity Metacast

The real-time 3D engine powering the future of sports. Have questions about Metacast?

Real sports. Real-time action.

Volumetric technologies encompass the process of capturing, viewing, and interacting with the real world. This is not video – it’s millions of densely packed data points, beautifully represented in 3D.

With Unity Metacast, directed, free-view, and impossible camera angles are generated in real time, giving fans and broadcasters complete control.

What can volumetric 3D do?

A world of possibilities for sports management, participation, and consumption.

Teams and athletes

Change the way teams and athletes approach coaching, training, performance analysis, and injury prevention.

Leagues and federations

Revolutionize how referees officiate. Transform media packages and sponsorships with dynamic, interactive content offerings.

Broadcasters and OTT

Make volumetric livestreams and replays a reality. Offer fans and teams immersive real-time and archived experiences, and give pundits infinite perspectives to analyze.

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