Experience sports like never before

Metacast is the real-time 3D engine for powering the future of sports. Ready to learn more?

Real sports. Real-time action.

Metacast enables the creation of beautiful volumetric content that will revolutionize sports.

Once an event is captured and translated to volumetric, creators use Metacast to render and stream through the Unity Editor. Metacast then enables delivery of the experience, agnostic of network or device, with applications for engagement and monetization.

What can volumetric 3D do?

Open a world of possibilities for sports management, participation, and consumption.

Leagues and federations

Revolutionize fan engagement and transform media packages with dynamic, location-based sponsorships and interactive content.

Broadcasters and OTT

Provide broadcasters with the ability to create volumetric replays and give pundits infinite perspectives to analyze.

Sponsors and advertisers

Target new audiences with fresh sports formats and platforms that deliver innovative and exciting activations.

Licensees and content creators

Increase revenue with new IP and content offerings, like betting and fantasy, via interactive apps and experiences.

Teams and athletes

Change how teams and athletes approach coaching, training, performance analysis, and injury prevention.

Social media creators

Allow creators to share volumetric content with global audiences through integrations with social media platforms.

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