Unity for AEC

Architecture, Engineering & Construction

Harness the power of the world’s most extensible & widely used real-time development platform for rapid creation of stunning visualizations and built environments that lowers costs, saves time, and streamlines workflows.

Made With Unity: Oneiros - Virtual Reality Project in Architecture

A new age for AEC – join the real-time revolution with Unity

Designing and engineering a building in VR, allowing clients to experience an environment before it exists, training not constrained by physical boundaries, and iterating across teams before the concrete is poured – what once seemed a futuristic dream is today becoming a reality with Unity, the world’s leading real-time development platform.

"With VR, we can build emotional situations, which is extremely important if you want to change workers' behaviors to improve safety"

Martin Krafft, Technology Director, OutHere, agency for Skanska

"I know that one of the big reasons we went with Unity was security. Another is that we can deploy to mobile and other platforms — Unity means flexibility."

Tex Jernigan, Creative Designer, Zahner

"With the interactive, immersive VR experience built in Unity, the team was able to identify deficiencies in the design, ensure the most productive and efficient workflows, and get important buy-in."

Will Adams, Emerging Technology Developer, Mortenson

A product tailored to your needs

Unity has partnered with VIMaec, a global distributor for Unity software, to take the full cross-platform visualization power of Unity game engine technology and bring it to the Architecture, Engineering and Construction industries.

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To start bringing your models to life, improve your design workflows, and create world-class experiences with Unity, reach out and one of our AEC experts will be happy to arrange an in-person demo at your convenience.

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