Design your game economy

Create, publish, and manage an economy system for your game and add in-app purchases to drive revenue.

Design the right in-game economy

Build and customize an economy system that fits the creative and financial needs of your game, including in-game currencies and inventory systems, as well as real-world currencies. Configure, manage, and optimize your economy easily from the Unity Dashboard.

Candivore Economy

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Intuitive IAP integration

Intuitive IAP integration

Make it easy for players to purchase items in your game to drive more revenue. Add in-app purchases (IAP) to your game or application with a service that supports industry-leading app stores.

Use cases

Personalize in-app offers
Economy | Analytics

Use player data to track a player’s in-game currency and offer user-specific discounts for item bundles.

Customize in-game shops
Economy | Game Overrides

Game Overrides enables you to update items in a player’s in-game shop based on their play style, purchase patterns, and seasonal events.

Enable real-money purchases

Economy allows players to purchase in-game currency with real money, providing flexibility to trade for exclusive or seasonal items.



Get everything you need to design and plan your game economy. Tune and scale to build a better game for your players and grow in-game revenue.

In-App Purchases (IAP)

Set up in-app purchases across popular app stores to streamline your store integrations and maximize game revenue. Pair IAP with Unity Analytics and Economy to optimize and grow.


What is an in-game economy?

A strong in-game economy is much more than monetization. It’s the silent force behind player engagement, and it can define how players progress through your game.

Building an in-game economy

Your in-game economy is a focal point for monetization, engagement, and player retention. Learn why even the most complex game economies are effective.

Designing a balanced in-game economy

No two players are the same. Learn how to build an economy that ensures all players have a positive experience with your game.

Learn more

Economy documentation

Read the documentation for Economy to learn more.

Economy forum

Visit the forum to ask questions and find solutions from both the community and the Unity team.

IAP documentation

Read the IAP documentation for more information.

IAP forum

Get help from the community and the Unity team to find IAP solutions for your project.

Build holistic revenue streams

Design and manage your game economy to add engaging progression for your players, or use it to build different revenue streams for your game.

Frequently asked questions

What is Unity Economy?

Unity Economy enables you to create, manage, and publish an economy system in your game. It includes features like currency, inventory items, configuration, and publication.

How do I get started with Unity Economy?

To work with Economy you need to link your project to the Unity Dashboard to access Unity services. Next,enable your project in the Dashboard, then install the SDK in Unity Editor. For the full SDK, see the Economy SDK guide.

Does Economy integrate well with Game Overrides?

Game Overrides allow you to target content to specific audiences, for example, by running A/B tests, and customizing content to geographical location and specific periods of time. You can access the main functionality of Game Overrides in the Player Engagement section, allowing you to create Overrides for multiple configuration types. 

Check out the documentation to learn more about creating an Override in Economy.

Does Economy use a player’s personal information?

Economy collects data to help you improve the player experience in your game. Some of that data includes personally identifiable information (PII) regulated under data privacy laws.

You can see how the PII is used for both Apple and Android devices.

What app stores does IAP support?

Unity IAP supports platforms by Amazon, Apple, Google, Microsoft, and more. See the setup section in the docs for more info.

What is the price for Unity IAP?

Unity IAP is a free-to-use service.

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