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Take your game to the next level and achieve your most ambitious goals with guidance from Unity experts.
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Flexible options for your unique project needs

The Unity Accelerate Solutions team is made up of Unity’s most senior software developers. They provide bespoke consulting and professional services for all creators – from indie to AAA – to elevate your game and help you reach more players. Learn how we work with creators to help them overcome their unique challenges and optimize their games.


Develop for visionOS with Unity

Our team of development experts will provide you with professional and consulting services so that you can develop for visionOS with Unity. Reach out to our team today to discuss options for your visionOS project needs.

How Accelerate Solutions can help
Performance and quality optimization
Game planning and design innovation
Game planning and design innovation
Development acceleration
Development acceleration
Improve game KPIs and player experience
Improve game KPIs and player experience
Performance and quality optimization

Performance and quality optimization

We’ll collaborate with your team to address performance and quality challenges that you’re facing in game development. We can help with frame rate, memory and file size issues, or provide a general health check on your game code to mitigate unknown challenges ahead.

Game planning and design innovation

Game planning and design innovation

Whether you’re getting ready for a new game, or wanting to push the boundaries with Unity, our developers will work with you to help you understand the foundational architecture and build a plan to be successful.

Development acceleration

Development acceleration

We help you move towards goals faster by complementing the skillset of your current team or supplementing it in areas where you’re lacking skills or resources. Tackle projects that you thought were out of your reach with development assistance from Unity experts.

Game KPIs

Improve game KPIs and player experience

Our in-depth consultations can include playtesting your game and providing actionable game design recommendations to improve gameplay experience and monetization. We provide benchmarking insights against peer games to better understand where improvements need to be made.

Flexible consulting based on your needs

Accelerate Solutions will analyze your project or workflows and provide guidance and recommendations to your team on how to achieve your desired outcome.


Accelerate Solutions deep dives into your project and assigns a Unity developer and/or team to work alongside your existing team to achieve a desired outcome.

Custom development

Accelerate Solutions assigns a Unity team that will lead and execute a project on your behalf, owning it from inception to completion.

Consulting service packages

Check out our packaged consulting engagements designed to target the area where your team requires the most assistance.

Performance and quality optimization packages

Codes, Asset Performance (CAP): A two-week engagement that begins with a three-day deep dive of your code and assets to uncover root causes of performance issues. This will come with an actionable and detailed report with best practice recommendations.

Optimization Accelerator: Afour-day sprint with hands-on guidance from a Unity engineer to analyze performance problems identified by the studio and make recommendations on what improvements to implement.

Optimization Strike Team: A four-week engagement with a multidisciplinary team of Unity experts who will provide technical leadership and implementation on a project.

Technical Art Review (TAR): A two-week engagement that begins with a two-day deep dive with a Unity Technical Artist. They will review your project and pipeline and deliver a comprehensive report on how best to ramp up to full production with automated workflows that are efficient and optimized to scale.

Game planning and design innovation packages

Technical Architecture Consulting (TAC): A two-week engagement where a Unity expert will fully assess your project and provide a detailed report with clear next steps and recommendations on how best to build a project architecture. This package is designed to set studios up for success by identifying roadblocks and challenges ahead of time.

Pipeline review: A two-week engagement that begins with a two-day review of your animation or film project and organization. We’ll create a tailored step-by-step plan for incorporating Unity into your pipeline, which will include a roadmap, code samples, and recommendations to optimize pipeline efficiency.

Development acceleration packages

Dedicated Expert Advisor (DEA): An engagement that can last a minimum of six months, this package adds a senior Unity developer to your team. This Unity expert works alongside your team to provide technical architecture and guidance to help you resolve development challenges, while providing access to Unity’s R&D engineering teams.

Custom development packages: An engagement that is customized in scope, staff and duration, designed for studios who are looking for Unity to lead specific project/s. Examples of past projects include but are not limited to: porting to other platforms (mobile, console, PC), optimizing for next-gen, migrating to Unity, and SDK/Application development.

Game KPIs and player experience packages

Game Audit: A design and data-driven analysis where our designers playtest your game, compare KPI performance against hundreds of similar games, and provide actionable feedback that covers the early, mid, and late game stages. At each stage we analyze specific game mechanics and make recommendations in areas such as FTUE, and IAP/Ads.

State of Play: A high-level benchmarks-driven analysis that provides an overall ranking of early, mid, and late game performance metrics and overall industry trends relating to your game.

Custom: This could include areas such as analytics assessments, publisher or investor due diligence, market investment analysis, and advice on game design documentation (GDD).

“Besides getting our games to broader, multiplatform audience, Unity Accelerate Solutions truly helped us take all our games to a higher level.”
“Knowing exactly what was going on under the hood, gave us better ways to analyze processes. Without Unity, we probably wouldn’t have been able to ship the Switch version.”
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If you have a development or performance challenge that you didn’t see addressed here, feel free to reach out to our team to discuss customized consulting packages.

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