Enabling autonomy at scale with Unity Simulation

Unity Simulation harnesses the power of cloud computing to run millions of simulations faster than real-time to test, train, and validate your projects at scale.

Simulate any experience at scale

Unity Simulation was launched at Unite 2019. Watch Danny Lange, VP of AI and machine learning, walk through two use cases where Unity Simulation is breaking barriers. In the world of self-driving cars, Unity Simulation can help you train your models on different scenarios and edge cases. And in the gaming industry, developers can test their games before soft launch to achieve game balance or other objectives.

Test, train, and validate in a real-time 3D virtual world

Unity Simulation is a powerful tool that accelerates time to insight, letting you test multiple complex scenarios in parallel and better manage risk. You can understand how products will perform without significant upfront investment in hardware. Plus you can generate synthetic data at scale and test your simulation, incorporating any edge cases, safely and securely.

  • Test multiple iterations of your projects at any point of development
  • Train your autonomous systems on millions of scenarios and edge cases
  • Validate multiple variations of your concepts without any upfront hardware investment

How iLLOGIKA optimized for game balance

Game balancing is crucial for player engagement and experience but can be tedious and expensive to achieve. Canadian game studio iLLOGIKA wanted to optimize its game so players would have the right mix of challenges and advantages.

Unity Simulation was able to address this large-scale simulation problem – 22,500 simulations in a matter of a few hours.

The results enabled iLLOGIKA to make adjustments to keep the race close even among players of differing skill levels.

Automotive simulations using LG and Unity

An autonomous vehicle must log at least 11 billion miles before it is considered road safe. It would take hundreds of years to reach that goal with real-world driving or running simulations locally.

The LGSVL Simulator takes advantage of several advanced Unity features to simulate photorealistic digital twins of real-world environments with accurate vehicle and sensor models.

With Unity Simulation and the LGSVL Simulator, developers can now train their machine learning models through all scenarios and edge cases in a matter of hours.

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Frequently asked questions

How can I get access to Unity Simulation?

Please sign up for the beta program and fill in your requirements. If your requirements align with the beta capabilities of Unity Simulation, and depending on availability, our team will contact you.

Do I need a Unity account to sign up for the beta program?

Yes. A Unity account is required to use the beta program.

What kind of simulations are a right fit for Unity Simulation?

If you have your environments built and are looking to scale up your simulations, our service can support you.

What is the pricing for this product?

During the beta period, Unity will offer two tiers of service: a limited free tier for existing Unity customers to experiment with the platform, and a paid tier for existing customers whose needs exceed the capacity of the free tier.

Are you planning to support only Google Cloud Platform?

No. Unity Simulation is a managed service that runs on top of Google’s Cloud infrastructure.

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