Мобильный бизнес: управляйте выпущенной игрой

Engage your players at every step of the lifecycle with our testing, optimizing, and player management tools.

Our suite of engagement tools

Player Engagement CRM

deltaDNA, a Unity company, is the leading player engagement solution for games. Leverage all of your data to maximize engagement from your players. 


Take advantage of Unity’s machine learning to automatically optimize any aspect of your game, like onboarding lengths or IAP store offers.

A/B testing
Experiment and optimize

Natively integrated with the Unity Engine, A/B testing allows you to make game-update decisions confidently based on the statistical results of your experiments.

Как студия Futureplay использовала GameTune для повышения доходности и показателей удержания

How FuturePlay increased revenue per download by 8%

In this video, Erkki, game designer at FuturePlay, explains how they used GameTune to increase revenue per download and the advantages of being able to test quickly.

Helpful resources

Free Monetization course

In this free course, you’ll learn how to plan a monetization strategy and explore user acquisition approaches to drive users to your game.

The deltaDNA index

We’ve aggregated the most important metrics for games into one industry report – the deltaDNA index.

A developer’s guide to A/B testing

We share best practices on how to run A/B tests, with tips on optimization, frequency, size, and analyzing results. 

Player Retention Guide

Getting players into your game is just the first step. Learn how to retain your game players in this step-by-step guide.

Управляйте игрой, настраивая ее индивидуально под каждого игрока

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