Unity 5.4.5 Patch 4

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  • (916387) - Android: Changed the threshold to recognize big cores of ARM big.LITTLE architecture better.
  • (868587) - Animation : Fixed a race condition in the legacy animation system which could cause a crash if a GameObject and an Animation assigned to that GameObject were deleted in the same frame.
  • (774401) - Editor: Fixed script reference set to none after package import.
  • (874335) - Editor: Prevent reentrant MouseDrag in ListView causing drag&drop stuttering.
  • (836139) - Global Illumination: Upgraded Enlighten SDK to 3.03.UN6.58373. Fixed the Final Gather + transparent objects regression introduced earlier.
  • (900937) - Graphics: Fixed the Particle System mesh wireframe in Shape Module does not display properly.
  • (835745) - iOS: Fixed the corrupted orientation view when forcing interface orientation via script (using Screen.orientation) on iOS10.
  • (none) - Metal: Fixed const buffer recycling, decreases memory usage.
  • (none) - Shaders: Fixed an incorrect shader translation to GLSL and Metal shader code from unsigned divide operation.
  • (917177) - UI: Fixed a rare Transform::kReceivedDueToParentTRSChanged assertion failure introduced in 5.4.5p2.

Known Issues

  • (878724) - Graphics: Scene view elements become washed out after enabling HDR and Linear Color Space. A fix for this introduced in 5.4.5p2 has been backed out.

Revision: e66fe3466ac1


Third Party Notices

For more information please see our Open Source Software Licenses FAQ on the Unity Support Portal

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