Unity 2017.2.3 Patch 3

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  • ((1039331)) - DCC: Updated Default Texture Format to low quality.
  • (1049575(972060)) - Graphics: Fixed crash in Mesh.ClearBlendShapes.
  • (1014151(1010809)) - Graphics: Fixed backface culling corner cases.
  • (850163) - IL2CPP: Allow managed stack traces to work on the iOS App Store when an application is submitted with bitcode.
  • (856344) - Scene Management: Fixed modifying asset import settings from script changing 'timeCreated' in the meta-file, breaking asset representation.
  • (1002426) - Video: Fixed audio from UnityEngine.Video.VideoPlayer is distorted when Audio Output Mode is Direct.
  • (1046113) - VR: Updated copy of warning and log message when using Canvas screen space overlay render mode when VR is enabled.

Revision: 726d0db4eeac


Third Party Notices

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