Unity 2017.2.0 Patch 2

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  • 2D - Improved the name for the packed texture generated by a Sprite Atlas.
  • Android - Changed "Bundle Identifier" to "Package Name" in associated error messages.
  • Android - Improved error messages from android sdk tools.
  • Apple TV - Added support for attitude data coming from new AppleTV remote.
  • Editor - Fix labels for LZ4 compression to be less confusing
  • iOS - Added player setting to specify which device edges defer system gestures to the second swipe.
  • iOS - Added player setting to specify whether the home button should be hidden on iPhone X.
  • iOS - Added support for iPhone X launch images.
  • Linux - Improved native plugin lookup.
  • Video - Removed audio glitches that follow seek/underruns in VideoPlayer.
  • XR - Updated Vuforia to version 6.5.23.


  • (None) - 2D: Fixed the generation of Sprite Physics Shape for Sprites when the Texture is set to multiple Sprites mode, has no user Sprite Physics Shape set and does not generate a tight mesh for the Sprite.
  • (None) 2D: Fixed SortingGroup not applying sorting changes when child objects are duplicated or added dynamically.
  • (960807) 954812) - 2D: Fixed tiled sprite renderer crash when a sprite is being packed in a Sprite Atlas which is not included in the build.
  • (960808) 953058 - 2D: Fixed crash when Sprite Atlas scale results in a non-power-of-two texture and Crunch Compression is enabled.
  • (952529) - 2D: Fixed Tilemap Move to show correct Move preview.
  • (None) 2D: Fixed SetMinMax for Bounds/RectInt.
  • (935433) - AI: Fixed NavMesh.SamplePoint failing for meshes in range when another navmesh was below the point and out of range.
  • (946913) 944118) - Android: Fixed a player crash caused by enabling GPU profiling when the selected graphics API was not OpenGL ES 3.
  • (776875) - Android: Fixed realtime HDR reflection probes being black on older Android devices.
  • (None) Android: Fixed project export overwriting res/ directory when exporting to keep local changes to layouts etc. intact.
  • (956658) - Android: Fixed android build failing with target SDKs 21-23.
  • (934782) - Android: Fixed crash while processing input during destruction.
  • (943954) - Animation: Fixed assert in play mode when Culling Type is set to "Based on Renderers".
  • (927919) - Animation: Fixed an issue where PrepareFrame was called at the wrong moment in the frame.
  • (964932) (943438)- Animation: Fixed assert when loading AnimationClip asynchronously in AssetBundles.
  • (956272) - DX12: Fixed memory leak when rendering procedurally generated meshes while using the Direct3D12 graphics API in the Windows Standalone build.
  • (946958) - Editor: Fixed crash while processing input during destruction.
  • (913869) - Editor: Reduced size of LightingDataAsset when baking light probes with multiple scenes loaded.
  • (926559) - Editor: Fixed an issue where lightmaps are generated even though the scene does not contain any baked light contribution.
  • (754298) - GI: Fixed terrain artifacts caused by Enlighten terrain mesh triangulation being different from the original mesh triangulation.
  • (854349) - GI: Fixed Enlighten not generating lightmaps for meshes imported without UVs and with Generate Lightmap UVs option enabled.
  • (946517) - GI: Fix a crash in ApplyMaterialPassWithCache when generating lighting and Lightmap Static option is enabled.
  • (685764) - GI: Fixed terrain trees do not casting shadows into baked lightmaps.
  • (955739)(955667 - GI: Fixed navigating in scene view restarting baking when trees are painted on terrain.
  • (924464) - Graphics: Fixed incorrect definition of _ShadowCoord in AutoLight.cginc leading to unexpected compilation errors or extra useless interpolator.
  • (925552) - Graphics: Fixed project build errors when Reflection Probes Projection setting in Tier1(Graphics Settings) is unchecked.
  • (935328) - Graphics: Fixed a crash in 'RenderTexture::DiscardContents' when opening the scene.
  • (939947) - Graphics: Fixed exception being thrown when the backgroung color of a Reflection Probe is changed.
  • (944413) - Graphics: Fixed crash when creating sprite with unsupported texture format.
  • (948887) - IL2CPP: Fixed calling DateTime.Parse() in IL2CPP builds for UWP throwing IndexOutOfRangeException.
  • (955991) - IL2CPP: Prevented an intermittent crash in the GC for on PS4.
  • (950637) - IL2CPP: Improved stack traces for NullReferenceException cases on iOS when Xcode 8.3.1 or later is used with release builds.
  • (947807) - IL2CPP: Added support in IL2CPP for Module.ScopeName property, which is used by Assembly.GetModule() to find a module in an assembly by name.
  • (None) IL2CPP: Fixed calling native ICommand interface methods on managed and native objects.
  • (950465) - IL2CPP: Fixed marshaling System.DateTimeOffset to Windows.Foundation.DateTime when passing it to Windows Runtime APIs.
  • (944157) - IL2CPP: Fixed an exception that would occur during conversion when processing an exception filter that calls a method.
  • (935563) - IL2CPP: Fixed stack overflow from occurring in Unity liveness logic (asset GC).
  • (947420) - IL2CPP: Implemented a previously unimplemented internal call method to support System.Environment.HashShutDownStarted property.
  • (944939) - IL2CPP: Fixed SetSocketOption not working properly for add membership and remove membership with IPv6.
  • (None) IL2CPP: Fixed calling System.Collections.Generic.IList`1 methods on managed and native objects.
  • (930386) - IL2CPP: Fixed unimplemented COM related internal calls in System.Runtime.InteropServices.Marshal class.
  • (955685) - iOS: Fixed support of wide colors on new devices.
  • (951089) (949036) - iOS: Fixed support for fonts of Tibetan, Armenian, Braille, Georgian and Thai languages in iOS 10 and iOS 11.
  • (887019) - Lighting: Fixed issue where Progressive Lightmapper was not transmitting indirect rays through translucent objects.
  • (924597) - Lighting: Fixed asset bundles not working correctly with global illumination data.
  • (963059) - OSX: Metal: Fix hang when using MSAA on OSX 10.11 on Nvidia GPUs
  • (956592) - Particles: Fixed burst curves on new particle systems not being initialized.
  • (956753) - Particles: Fixed issue with incorrect bounds calculation causing incorrect culling in rare cases.
  • (957633) - Particles: Fixed scripted emission emitting particles in the wrong direction, if transform was moving/rotating.
  • (946356) - Physics: Fixed cloth pointer not being set to null to null in SkinnedMeshRenderer when deactivating causing attempted use of deallocated object.
  • (945332) - Physics: Fixed colliders missing pose updates when they were inactive during the scene load.
  • (948866) - Physics: Fixed physics settings being always marked as dirty on the editor start, even when nothing was changed.
  • (763091) - Scripting: Fixed crash if delegate is created on un-inflated generic type.
  • (951901) - Scripting: Fixed crash in debugger when trying to stop while a single step operation is in progress.
  • (952069) - Scripting: Fixed XMM registers being trampled in 64-bit mode.
  • (949127) - Scripting: Fixed alignment of 64-bit types on iOS.
  • (952292) - Scripting: Fixed crash when closing Windows Standalone player with Alt-F4 using latest scripting runtime.
  • (944464) - Scripting: Fixed crash on OSX when socket error ENXIO is encountered.
  • (807575) - Scripting: Fixed crash when struct has array field of same type.
  • (956129) - Timeline: Fixed crash when deleting animation track which has a binding attached to an ActivationTrack.
  • (960039) 938534) - Timeline: Fixed timeline window having a white background when running on .NET 4.6 depending on the set system language.
  • (959867) - tvOS: Fixed icon asset catalog setup when certain multi-layer icons are missing.
  • (949209) - UWP: Fixed Unity not referencing facade class libraries when targeting UWP and using IL2CPP with .NET 4.6 API Compatibility level.
  • (940555) - UWP: Fix building VS project after manually switching it to Windows SDK 15063 on .NET scripting backend.
  • (955651) - UWP: Fixed Reference Rewriter complaining about missing operators == and != on System.Type on .NET scripting backend.
  • (937501) - UWP: Fixed StateMachineBehaviour not working on private fields before loading any scenes on .NET scripting backend.
  • (945336) - UWP: Fixed an assert when trying to access missing material properties on debug builds.
  • (759166) - UWP: Fixed "Run in Background" player setting not causing player to ignore minimize events.
  • (940942) - WebGL: Fixed missing slash in WebRequest formatted blob url when using https.
  • (918146) - Windows: Fixed DictationRecognizer asserting when stopping or starting the speech recognition twice in a row.
  • (None) XR: Added back Stereo Display (non head-mounted).
  • (892084) - XR: Fixed camera aspect ratio not being preserved when switching from VR to non-VR.
  • (959749) - XR: Fixed a performance regression on Microsoft HoloLens.
  • (None) XR: Fixed stereo separation regression on Oculus HMDs.
  • (None) XR: Updated the code to invalidate the eye texture's depth and stencil in one call.
  • (None) XR: Fixed an issue with blitting between VR and non-VR render textures.
  • (None) XR: Removed some unnecessary graphics API state resets.
  • (962253) - XR: Fix Podfile version to reflect correct version
  • (927404) (953255) XR: Fixed a rendering issue on Windows Mixed Reality when using multiple cameras with different depth ranges
  • (None) XR: Fixed issues with using values other than 1.0 for eyeTextureResolutionScale on Windows MR.
  • (None) XR: Fixed background rendering in ARCore apps running on Pixel XL no longer appearing stretched.

Revision: dbc2eb12ac98


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