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VisualLive (2)

Model in augmented reality (AR)

Get more out of your BIM data. Unity’s construction solutions help you bring the power of BIM to the jobsite using augmented reality (AR) technology. Construction teams can overlay models onsite in real-time to catch mistakes early, communicate issues in one click,  and streamline time-consuming VDC workflows.

Products used: VisualLive

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Construction sequencing

Enhanced project visualization means more design accuracy and project predictability. By combining BIM with immersive technology like AR and VR, teams can more seamlessly use models to schedule and sequence work, helping to prevent delays and cost overruns throughout the project.

Products used: Unity Reflect Review

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Construction quality assurance and control

By overlaying BIM models onsite in AR, field teams can quickly identify design discrepancies and catch mistakes before models are pushed to fabrication, installation, or construction. Viewing model data in real-time means QA/QC workflows are streamlined and rework is stopped in its tracks.

Products used: VisualLive

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Change management

Unity’s solutions give field teams real-time access to BIM data and streamline construction change management workflows. By overlaying models in the field, mistakes are caught early and issues can be annotated and communicated to design teams in just a few clicks, meaning work resumes more quickly and projects are built on time.

Products used: VisualLive

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Accelerate change

Innovate faster with custom technology solutions. Our Accelerate Solutions team can help you identify your key challenges and construct a custom approach for concrete results.

Complementary products

Discover Unity products and solutions that are designed to address challenges unique to your industry.

Unity Pro

Realize your vision using high-quality visual scripting tools for creators and programmers. With Unity Pro, everyone on your team can contribute to the creative process, regardless of coding skill.


Leverage the power of AR with VisualLive to facilitate real-time 3D collaboration and field-to-office communication across all stages of construction, such as design review, QA/QC, facility management, and more.

Unity Reflect Develop

Build your own custom applications to address any problem across the entire building and infrastructure lifecycle for internal or commercial deployment.

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