Wig 1.0.0-beta_1.0


Wig 1.0.0-beta_1.0

Known Issues

  • Jitter Clump Strands Options option box is cut off [ATCHAR-1058]
  • Sometimes paint mesh will show rainbow colors after selecting the Paint Attributes Tool. [ATCHAR-990]
  • We should delete empty curves groups when all the curves have been moved to clumps, etc.. [ATCHAR-853]
  • Extract Clump Curves leaves empty clumpSets which should be removed. [ATCHAR-958]
  • Braids - using lmb+drag for "Num Fibers" for the curve Channel Box / Layer Editor causes braid to become invisible and the viewport to stop responding. [ATCHAR-996]
  • Maya crash when lmb+drag to update Tuft Tie Start in Channel Box / Layer Editor for braid curve. [ATCHAR-964]
  • Viewport 2 - braid manipulators do not show in VP2. [ATCHAR-642]
  • Viewport2: Converting braids to strand meshes and selecting the wmBraidCore shows green. [ATCHAR-976]
  • Disconnect Braids from Curves command does not seem to work. [ATCHAR-1019]
  • Unable to export braids as Alembic. [ATCHAR-972]
  • Still need support for braids USD export/import. [ATCHAR-971]
  • Add support for multiple fur nodes during import (usd + alembic). [ATCHAR-1032]
  • usd import (from Baked USD curves) appears to import with incorrect/offset origin. [ATCHAR-957]
  • Importing USD with multiple fur nodes results in a single fur node. [ATCHAR-970]
  • Crash when importing usd (exporting as standard baked to USD curves) that contains multiple fur nodes with different master densities. [ATCHAR-998]
  • fur node doesn't appear to fit on mesh when import usd (native wig schema) into Houdini 19.5. [ATCHAR-973]

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