SpeedTree 9.5.1


SpeedTree Modeler 9.5.1

To access prior versions of SpeedTree Modeler, version 9.0 and below, please visit store.speedtree.com


  • Exporting: Game FBX now has option to control the root object used in the file: None, Transform, or LOD Group.
  • Exporting: Game FBX now has up-axis settings, similar to VFX FBX export.


  • Command line: Fixed crash that could occur when using the command line to export FBX on Windows.
  • Exporting: Fixed UnrealEngine export preset that had wrong setting for 'Flip Texcoord V'
  • Generators: Fixed a bug that could cause Card generators to crash due to height map.
  • Generators: BatchedLeaves removed by the collision system no longer displays errant geometry during LOD previews.
  • Assets: Fixed occasional crash when opening older trees that used material sets.
  • Launch dialog: Launch dialog now handles display scaling better.

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