Unity 2017.4.32

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2017.4.32f1 Release Notes


  • Android: Added support for supplementary Unicode characters for UnitySendMessage. (1059652, 1170076)

  • Android: Fixed incorrect symbol length and symbol returned when passing characters through UnityPlayer.UnitySendMessage. (1059652, 1170076)

  • Android: Fixed performance penalty when using Vulkan on Android Q preview 5 (1169046, 1174619)

  • Android: Fixed the Editor not updating the NDK directory until the project is re-opened. (1170776, 1171198)

  • Asset Pipeline: Fixed "Sprite Atlas Sprites Included in Bundle Multiple Times" error. (1121868, 1170283)

  • Editor: Fxed editor not reacting to .meta file changes regarding Asset Bundles when .meta file was changed while the Editor was closed. (1126293, 1166611)

  • macOS: Fixes an issue with macOS Catalina that causes Unity to request permission to receive keyboard input when using other apps in both the editor and standalone player. (1172758)

  • Mobile Rendering: Fixed flickering on objects when dynamic batching is enabled (1143619, 1149417)

  • Universal Windows Platform: Fixed reference rewriter complaining about managed code referencing fields from winmd files when those fields are of types that project to CLR from Windows Runtime. (1146307, 1161743)

  • Version Control: Fixed a case where a Version Controlled Project would not update ProjectSettings/ProjectVersion.txt on editor start. (1131599, 1166079)

  • Web: Fixed ArgumentNullException being thrown when yielding and disposing a WWW object. (1117213, 1172310)

  • Xbox One: Fixed error in build when setting a custom streaming install manifest file. (1168451, 1171456)

  • XR: Fixed null dereference access to vr eye texture manager instance. (1115371, 1171504)


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