Unity 5.3.2 Patch 4

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  • GI: Optimized GISceneManager.Update in order to take less processor time on scene start (769044).
  • Substance: A FreezeAndReleaseSourceData() method was added to the ProceduralMaterial class. This renders the ProceduralMaterial immutable and releases some of the underlying data to decrease the memory footprint. To release even more of the underlying data, it is necessary to call Resources.UnloadUnusedAssets() afterwards. Once frozen, the ProceduralMaterial cannot be cloned, its ProceduralTextures cannot be rebuilt, nor its inputs be set.


  • Audio/Scripting: An optimization was reverted while fixing (739224) and (761360) which would cause memory to once again be allocated during audio callbacks.


  • (768027) - Android: Fixed missing styles.xml files.
  • (741043) - Animation: Fixed a crash when changing OverrideController on Animator with no Avatar.
  • (764778) - Animation: Fixed a crash where assigning an override controller with no controller to override would crash.
  • (769379) - Animation: Fixed crash when editing and saving a script while in play mode.
  • (739224), (761360) - Audio/Scripting: Avoid random crashes when using audio callbacks in scripts.
  • (761664) - Editor: Fixed 'All new scripts are created in Editor folder if Unity installation path contains "test" keyword'.
  • (753176) - Editor: Fixed crash when replacing prefabs with ALT button pressed.
  • (754704) - Editor: Fixed freeze/crash on project startup.
  • (760459) - Fixed crash when entering playmode if a user script would load a new scene in Awake.
  • (724426) - Global Illumination: Fix for linear lighting mode looking different between the player and Editor.
  • (728595), (738173) - Global Illumination: Fix for LoadLevel in the player causing lightmaps to become brighter when in Linear mode.
  • (765205), (734187) - Global Illumination: Fixed brightly coloured (green/red/white/blue) pixels appearing in the directional lightmap caused by interpolation from invalid indirect lightmap data. Note: Need to clear the GI cache and rebake to get the fixed lightmaps.
  • (756506) - Global Illumination: Fixed missing Ambient when "Baked GI" is disabled and "Ambient GI" is set to Baked.
  • (766208) - Il2CPP: Avoid crash on IL2CPP when searching for attributes.
  • (766168) - IL2CPP: Avoid double allocation of memory for multi-dimensional arrays.
  • (761763) - Il2CPP: Fixed Unity IAP on Android with IL2CPP.
  • (none) - IL2CPP: Fixed an occasional crash when capturing managed heap when parts of it are not committed.
  • (767334) - IL2CPP: Properly marshal arrays of four-byte bool values.
  • (766208) - IL2CPP: Raised NullReferenceException when Ldvirtftn instruction had a null target.
  • (755415) - iOS: Added icon for iPad Pro.
  • (760747) - iOS: Fixed a crash triggered by deactivating an input while app is going into background.
  • (759480) - iOS: Fix for WWW deadlock.
  • (761326) - iOS: Fixed an issue where attached controllers were not found.
  • (761684) - iOS: Fixed application freeze on iphone4 when rotating device.
  • (761361) - iOS: Notify Transport that we finished receiving data so we can mark the buffer as complete when we get an error.
  • (770160) - Linux: Fixed flickering/corrupted rendering with OpenGL Core.
  • (763944) - Linux: Fixed non-native-resolution fullscreen rendering with OpenGL Core.
  • (758058) - Make sure persistent transforms are not added to the active scene when running in a player.
  • (754925) - MSE: Fixed the issue that SceneManager.sceneCountInBuildSettings gives 0 until entering play mode.
  • (756218) - MSE: Fixed the issue that calling SceneManager.LoadScene** while exiting playmode causes scene unremovable from the hierarchy.
  • (734218) - Networking: Fixed issue where NetworkManager doesn't become "ready" if online scene is set and offline scene is not.
  • (748967) - Networking: Fixed issue where OnStartAuthority is called twice on hosts.
  • (738047) - Networking: SyncLists now only send updates when values change.
  • (761412) - OpenGL: Fixed random crashes on compute shader dispatch.
  • (764701) - Particles: Fixed particle culling issues.
  • (none) - Renderdoc: When making a RenderDoc capture from editor UI, make sure to include the whole frame including user script updates.
  • (none) - Shaders: Fixed a shader compiler crash if a compute shader declares a samplerstate that didn't match the naming scheme.
  • (none) - Shadows: Changed light shadows near plane minimum bound to either 1% of range or 0.1, whichever is lower.
  • (760062) - Sprites: Occlusion Culling works correctly with X/Y flipped SpriteRenderers.
  • (754556), (534658), (762897) - Substance: Fixed corner cases of outputs not being impacted by any input not being generated.
  • (none) - Tizen: System permissions that are not required are no longer requested.
  • (755395) - tvOS: Fixed game center score reporting due to incorrect API check.
  • (756818) - Upgrades: Delete the installed Playback Engines and Documentation before upgrading Unity.
  • (none) - VR: Fixed audio redirection in standalone builds (Oculus SDK 1.0+).
  • (767744) - WebGL: Corrected the following compiler error which might occur in generated C++ code: "error: non-constant-expression cannot be narrowed from type 'uintptr_t' (aka 'unsigned int') to 'il2cpp_array_size_t' (aka 'int') in initializer list [-Wc++11-narrowing]".
  • (765893) - Windows Store: Fixed a crash when loading C# type from plugin which was not included in the final build.
  • (766755) - Windows Store: Fixed a rare crash in ARM linker (fatal error LNK1322: cannot avoid potential ARM hazard (QSD8960 P1 processor bug) in section #) when using IL2CPP scripting backend.
  • (768929) - Windows Store: Mouses and touches will work correctly after locking/unlocking the screen.
  • (760041) - WinRT/IL2CPP: Allow native DLLs to be loaded both with and without the .dll extension.
  • (768193) - XboxOne/IL2CPP: Fixed a problem compiling generated C++ files when there is a space in the path to the project directory.

Revision: 3df229d35023


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