Unity 5.2.2 Patch 1

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Windows (X86-64)

macOS (X86-64)


  • iOS: Added a PlayerSetting to add the iOS 9 UIRequiresFullScreen to the Xcode generated plist to enable/disable multitasking support.
  • iOS: Added Touch Pressure support. Scripts can access this API through the pressure and maximumPossiblePressure properties on Touch.


  • Networking: Added log messages to identify the object and script that cause too-large packets to be generated.
  • Networking: Added more logging info on too-large packets when object state updates exceed the MTU.
  • Unity Ads: Update to Unity Ads 1.5.3
  • VR: A camera can now target the main display backbuffer in VR mode by setting "Target Eye" to "None (Main Display)".


  • (712011) - Android: Fix crash in dynamic batching
  • (726878) - Android: Fixed MSAA on newer ARM Mali devices like Samsung Galaxy S6
  • (728806) - Android: Fixed MSAA RenderTextures on Tegra4 and K1 when using OpenGL ES 2.0
  • (715602), (731076), (704017), (731078) - Android: Fixed non-working textures on some Tegra 3 and Tegra 4 devices 
  • (642609) - Fix crash on copying script with component requirements onto a GO which is missing the requirements
  • (none) - GI: Fixed the reflection probe inspector breaking when reusing a cubemap (RenderTexture) from a realtime reflection probe on a custom reflection probe.
  • (708559) - Graphics: Add error message if 3D texture is bound for rendering.
  • (730171) - Graphics: Fixed Screen.currentResolution in some cases reporting wrong resolution when in fullscreen on Windows
  • (727743) - Graphics: Fixed use of Blit not correctly binding RandomWrite targets.
  • (728103) - Graphics: Stopped reflection merging into emissive from stomping over render target alpha with 1.0
  • (716811) - IL2CPP: Change the conv.i8 opcode implementation to handle sign extension correctly so that a conversion from a large negative int to a uint to a long in C# works as expected.
  • (735413) - IL2CPP: Generate proper C++ code for a type with two fields that have the same type and name.
  • (734534) - IL2CPP: Improve the error message when the byte code stripper is unable to locate an assembly.
  • (717997) - IL2CPP: Prevent a NullReferenceException exception from occurring during the processing of the Preserve attribute which can obscure the actual cause of a problem.
  • (730233) - IL2CPP: Prevent an KeyNotFoundException exception from occurring during code conversion when a generic method is used with at least one generic argument that exceeds the maximum generic recursion depth.
  • (none) - IL2CPP: The low level memory profiler no longer reports constant literals as fields with offset 0.
  • (726466) - Networking: Added support for HLAPI packet queuing on channels using the ReliableFragmented QoS.
  • (697097) - Networking: Added warning message when a scene cannot be added to NetworkManager.
  • (725109) - Networking: Clear error message when user try to add the two host with the same port
  • (721917) - Networking: Fixed code generation exception when a SyncVar uses a type from external DLL. This now generates a regular build error.
  • (698322) - Networking: Fixed code generation exception when using certain built-in unity types such as Vector3 in SyncListStruct.
  • (714700) - Networking: Fixed crash when sending an unsupported type (a class instance) via a network Command.  This now generates a build error.
  • (726244) - Networking: Fixed issues with zero length size or MTU size packets using NetworkConnection Send functions. This could break packet buffering for HLAPI connections.
  • (725363) - Networking: Fixed missing Connect callback for local client.
  • (727133) - Networking: Fixed movement problem for objects on clients with local-client-authority when snap threshold was set to a small value.
  • (730199) - Networking: Fixed NullReference exception when using NetworkAnimator.
  • (733731) - Networking: Fixed the scene slots in NetworkManager and NetworkLobbyManager not marking the scene dirty when they are changed.
  • (720436) - Networking: prevent user to set minupdatetimeout to 0 via networkmanager menu
  • (730299) - Networking: Removed misleading error messages that are generated during SyncList initialization.
  • (730386) - Particles: Fixing regression when setting transform in LateUpdate
  • (731470) - Physics: Ensure that RectTransform is loaded prior to any Rigidbody2D or Collider2D so that initial position is correct.
  • (731054) - Physics: Ensure that when changing the Joint2D connected RigidBody2D, all related Gizmos are reset.
  • (730822) - Physics: Ensure that when ignoring collision layer/layer collisions, that existing contacts are re-evaluated.
  • (731057) - Physics: Ensure that when Joint2D.EnableCollision is changed, all relevant contacts are re-evaluated.
  • (none) - Substance: Fix bitmap export. Bitmap export can now save bitmaps with the alpha channel setup according to the Unity material.
  • (725397), (728853), (729290) - UI: Fix Editor crash that would sometimes trigger after pressing play/stop
  • (719421) - VR: Fix HMD content failure after disconnect and reconnect
  • (716410), (716422 VR: Fix incorrect info and toggles while HMD was disconnected
  • (720052), (732183) - VR: Fix Loss of Window focus crashes upon return
  • (736323) - VR: Fix regression crash when HMD was disconnected at application start
  • (716500) - VR: Fix stereoMirrorMode right eye flicker
  • (732236) - VR: Fix VRDevice.IsPresent always returning true
  • (722766) - WebGL: Fix doppler effect being used on audio sources with spatial blend set to 2D
  • (733864) - Windows Phone: Font will be visible again.
  • (735383) - Windows Store Apps: Correctly generate Visual Studio namespace if package name has dot followed by a number. For ex., Test.2 package name will produce Test._2 namespace
  • (735384) - XboxOne/IL2CPP: Correct metadata loading on startup.

Revision: 6dd5cd7ea574

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