Unity 5.1.1 Patch 1

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Windows (X86-64)

macOS (X86-64)


  • Android: Audio - Enabled OpenSL for GearVR.
  • Documentation: Docs for Audio / VR / UNet updated.
  • iOS/IL2CPP: Load embedded resources in memory-mapped files so that the memory used by those embedded resources is marked as constant.
  • Xbox One: Unity now builds with the May 2015 QFE1 XDK. Xbox One developers will need to install this XDK on their development PC and the matching or a later recovery on their console.
  • Windows Editor Installer: Use dism.exe to install .net framework5, for a more silent experience when using /S silent installer option.


  • (699383) - Animation: Reject avatar creation when the skeleton is missing intermediary bones.
  • (690156) - Asset Management: Now allow prefab instances with a missing prefab template to be reparented.
  • (692047) - Editor: Removed MSVCRT dependency for WebGL build.
  • (700474) - Graphics: Fixed a bug when loading single channel JPEGs using Texture2D.LoadImage.
  • (691607), (667147) - iOS/IL2CPP: Corrected an exception during code conversion which has the error message "Invalid global variables count" when converting some UnityScript assemblies.
  • (704018) - iOS/IL2CPP: Ensure that GetCurrentMethod returns the proper value, even when the generated native method is inlined.
  • (696187) - iOS/IL2CPP: Prevent a C++ compiler error in generated code about an undeclared identifier with the test "Unused local just for stack balance".
  • (703294) - iOS/IL2CPP: Prevent an exception during code generation when the default value of a field is not the same type as the field.
  • (691008) - iOS/IL2CPP: When compiling scripts for the player, appropriate UnityEngine.UI.dll will be referenced now.
  • (695118) ,(701548) - iOS/IL2CPP: Added support for PreserveAttribute to prevent classes, methods, fields and properties from being stripped in IL2CPP.
  • (700507) - iOS/IL2CPP: Avoid deadlock during UnloadUnusedAssets.
  • (695179) - iOS/IL2CPP: Fixed a crash which occurred when Ldvirtftn opcode was used on a non-virtual method.
  • (691404) - iOS/IL2CPP: Fixed a rare case when bytecode stripper would incorrectly strip wrong overloaded generic virtual method.
  • (694436) - iOS/IL2CPP: Fixed IL2CPP generated code in if (...) block if the condition operand was an IntPtr.
  • (694436) - iOS/IL2CPP: Fixed IL2CPP generated marshaling code for marshaling IntPtr into any other primitive type.
  • (702879) - iOS/IL2CPP: Fixed marshaling arrays of structs marked with [Out] attribute.
  • (696986) - iOS/IL2CPP: Fixed ConstructorInfo.Invoke() returning null for Nullable types.
  • (698589) - iOS/IL2CPP: iOS/IL2CPP: Correct RPC implementation for the UnityEngine.Networking namespace.
  • (702696) - iOS/IL2CPP: Prevent a runtime exception with IL code in an enumerator's MoveNext method when the enumerator's return type is a constrained generic type.
  • (689410) - iOS: Allow to append builds made with different scripting backend.
  • (682882) - iOS: Include iOS Xcode API documentation.
  • (none) - Mecanim: Fixed assert when using Optimize Game Object on object that are parented.
  • (none) - Mecanim: Fixed crash when using AnimatorController in asset bundles.
  • (692633) - Networking: Added missing error message for multiple NetworkManagers in a scene.
  • (701421) - Networking: Added missing check for NetworkIdentity on NetworkManager object.
  • (699613) - Networking: Added missing error message for more than 32 SyncVars in a NetworkBehaviour script.
  • (697809) - Networking: Added missing validation for invalid method signatures on network methods.
  • (693234) - Networking: Added missing validation for SyncVars of invalid types.
  • (697118) - Networking: Adding missing error message for using network custom attributes in non NetworkBehaviour derived scripts.
  • (701760) - Networking: Fix for allowing multiple network components on the same game object.
  • (697682) - Networking: Fix for ClientRpc call failing when called on a base class.
  • (698103) - Networking: Fix for ClientRpc calls being invoked out of order on localClient.
  • (696932) - Networking: Fix for ClientRpc calls not being invoked for scene objects on a local client.
  • (697824) - Networking: Fix for exception when sending a game object component as an argument to RPC calls.
  • (696579) - Networking: Fix for foldouts in NetworkManager inspector not saving state.
  • (none) - Networking: Fix for garbage at the end of broadcast messages.
  • (697502) - Networking: Fix for implementing Update() in a class derived from NetworkManager causing client connection callbacks to not be called.
  • (697754) - Networking: Fix for isServer still being true after server was stopped.
  • (701235) - Networking: Fix for not being able to detect idle connections.
  • (697730) - Networking: Fix for setting MaxConnection to zero causing exception in NetworkManager.
  • (697102) - Networking: Fix for SyncVars not working with script inheritance.
  • (698321) - Networking: Fix for UNetWeaver exception generating an exception when SyncListStruct used directly without a derived class.
  • (698732) - Networking: Fix for unserializating NetworkIdentity references failing on a dedicated server.
  • (none) - Networking: Fixed - localdiscovery doesn't work on osx and ios.
  • (697117) - Networking: NetworkTransform now auto-detects CharacterController and pick the correct sync method when added to a game object.
  • (699169) - Physics: Fixed a crash when trying to report a MeshCollider error while the MeshCollider's SharedMesh was null.
  • (698701), (698702) - Physics: Fixed HingeJoint SetMotor, SetLimits, SetSpring only being set correctly if the said properties was already enabled.
  • (685107) - Physics: Fixed an issue in PhysX where a capsule would fail to collide with a triangle mesh.
  • (441764) - Physics: Fixed an issue in PhysX where capsule-capsule collision detection would erroneously fail when the capsules' axes were almost aligned.
  • (697849) - Physics: HingeJoint now correctly measures the hinge angle regardless of the initial rotation between the two hinged bodies.
  • (686576) - Revert baked lightmap texture compression quality from best back to normal. Speeds up compositing step.
  • (none) - Shaders: Fixed broken constant buffer info on OpenGL ES compute shaders with multiple kernels
  • (676585) - Substance: Fix hang/crash when entering playmode with the Profiler window open.
  • (none) - Tizen: Added docs about native plugins on Tizen.
  • (none) - Tizen: Added Tizen to the default platforms list.
  • (none) - Tizen: Fixed plugin loading.
  • (689600) - UI: Number of batches created for UI scene back down to 5.0 number.
  • (697556) - Unified GL: Fixed a crash when current and pending framebuffers have different attachment counts.
  • (697556) - Unified GL: Fix for DX11-style Depth-of-Field image effect: fix boolean variable handling in shader compiler.
  • (none) - Unified GL: Fix for shader errors when swizzles were incorrectly applied to scalar values.
  • (702042) - VR: Enabling / disabling virtual reality support in the editor nolonger affects standalone players.
  • (none) - VR: Fixed anti aliasing.
  • (none) - VR: Fixed aspect ratio of game view and standalone window.
  • (none) - VR: Fixed linear lighting.
  • (none) - WebGL: Fixed error messages when refreshing or unloading the page.
  • (none) - WebGL: Fixed an issue using System.IO.Compression.DeflateStream API.
  • (none) - WebGL: Fixed WWW Downloads failing if they take longer then 5 seconds.
  • (694021) - Windows Phone 8.1: Fixed simulator build.
  • (704102) - Windows Phone 8: Fixed crash when building from Editor.
  • (702282) - Windows Store Apps/Windows Phone: Fixed an issue with connecting to server using UNet.
  • (670992) - Windows Store Apps/Windows Phone: Fixed serialization when inheriting from class from another assembly with internal field
  • (699656) - Windows Store Apps/Windows Phone: Fixed variable synchronization between WinRT and Mono players (UNet).
  • (693303) - Windows Store Apps: Fixed extended splash screen sizing on wp8.1 and scaled WSA.
  • (695285) - Xbox One: Disabled standard splash screen on Xbox One, which was showing up as a blank grey screen after the initial OS load splash screen.
  • (none) - Xbox One: Socket descriptions now require template to function (as of April XDK). The editor GUI has been updated to make templates mandatory for all socket descriptions.
  • (none) - Xbox One: The auto-added port for script debugging now implements a template, and works again. It will also get auto-added if you specify to auto-connect the profiler.

Known Issues

  • VR: When upgrading an Oculus / GearVR project from the legacy Oculus Unity Integration Plugin to 5.1 Unity VR, be sure to remove any Oculus plugins from your project to avoid deploy / runtime errors.
  • GearVR: Unity Personal Edition with 5.1 Unity VR support results in a crash. Please use the Oculus Unity Integration Plugin until this issue is resolved in a future patch.

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