Unity 2017.3.1 Patch 2

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  • 2D: Change Outline and Physics Shape module behaviour in Sprite Editor Window. The module will only show outlines only when user has customised it.
  • 2D: TextureImporter Inspector has an option to enable default Physics Shape for Sprites


  • (None) - Android: Fixed crash when a compute shader is being used that did not compile/link on a device.
  • (985591) - Android: Fixed issues when trying to use jobified rendering on certain graphics devices like GLES.
  • (952769) - Android: Fixed problem when there is no valid EGL context when running the player loop.
  • (963958) - Asset Importing: Fixed issue with MonoScripts for StateMachineBehaviour derived classes not being extracted from managed plugins.
  • (996950) - Cloud: Fixed exception when building in Cloud Build with Performance Reporting enabled.
  • (None) - Editor: Fixed issue with "Rider 2017.2.1.app" not being recognized as Rider code editor. Now recognizes "Rider*.app".
  • (979704) - Editor: Fixed issue with UWP build failing when using .asmdef assemblies.
  • (None) - Editor: Fixed issue with only assemblies whose name start with "Assembly" being debuggable on IL2CPP platforms.
  • (1001461) - Editor: Fixed YAMLMerge performance issue when merging large files.
  • (996204) (988580) - Editor: Fixed Editor window, Panel and all related managed object leaking.
  • (986160) - GI: Fixed the intensity of baked and real-time emissive materials in Enlighten.
  • (989476) - IL2CPP: Improvedthe startup performance of Unity players built with IL2CPP.
  • (993422) - IL2CPP: Correct a possible build failure with IL2CPP when an attribute constructor has two arguments of type object.
  • (994283) - Fixed uninstalling Unity leaving sketchupapi.dll behind.
  • (982435) - OSX: Fixed crash on Editor panel close on select versions of macOS.
  • (878407) - Physics: Fixed PhysX crash when calling Physics.OverlapBoxNonAlloc on Android devices.
  • (980553) - Profiler: Fixed EndThreadProfiler crashing Unity when called from main thread.
  • (996508) - PS4: Fixed crash when calling DateTime.Now whilst using il2cpp.
  • (991969) - PS4: Fixed native rendering plugin GetContext() not returning correct value.
  • (977003) - Scripting: Fixed memory snapshot errors related to invalid GCHandle values.
  • (974031) - Scripting: Fixed memory snapshot naming for types without a namespace.
  • (974042) - Scripting: Fixed memory snapshot naming for nested types.
  • (993302) - Scripting: Fixed incorrect value when using Math.Round with MidpointRounding.AwayFromZero.
  • (929984) - Scripting: Fixed crash when using named pipes.
  • (990559) - Scripting: Fixed crash when using unsafe code in an assembly built with VS2017.
  • (973437) - UI: iOS Fixed incorrect processing of touch canceled events.
  • (984325) (966106) - UI: Fixed entering playmode with profiler open and UI in the scene crashes in UI::Canvas::CaptureBatchFrame.
  • (998862) (980089)- XR: Fixed crash when connecting simulator device while running in editor.
  • (994652) - XR: Fixed losing focus causing the thread to sleep causing fps to drop.
  • (994652) - XR: Fixed frame rate throttling when Windows MR device loses tracking.

Revision: fd9fec26f216


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