Unity 5.3.0 Beta 5

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Known Issues

  • Editor usage of TreeCreator on OSX will hang with updated default GLCore. For workaround, use --force-opengl


  • Physics: Obsoleted enum JointDriveMode and JointDrive.mode
  • Physics: Setting Rigidbody.detectCollisions to false also affects queries now (e.g. Physics.RaycastAll)
  • Physics: When changing a mesh and subsequently setting it as the sharedMesh of a MeshCollider we now update collision mesh instead of ignoring the changes.


  • Graphics: Added custom near plane slider for spot lights instead of auto-calculation, defaults to 0.2.
  • Graphics: Expose GraphicsSettings class to scripting API.
  • Graphics: Implemented shadow bias for point lights.
  • Graphics: Reflection cubemap convolution is GGX now.
  • Graphics: Reflection cubemap convolution preserves HDR highlights better.
  • Improved "The referenced script on this Behaviour" message with the game object name in the player, it will look now like 'The referenced script on this Behaviour (Game Object 'Main Camera') is missing!'.
  • Integrated the industry standard for tangent space "mikktspace" into Unity. This allows artists to get seamless lighting since compatiblity is ensured between normal map baker and renderer (particular xNormal and several other bakers).
  • Particles: A percentage of particles can now be rotated in the opposite direction.
  • Physics: Always render the outline of a PolygonCollider2D in dark-green so that if an edge is discarded, it still shows.
  • Physics: Increase precision of Physics2D.OverlapArea & Physics2D.OverlapCircle methods.
  • Reflection Probes: Abiltity to turn off deferred reflections when using deferred shading. When "no support" is picked for deferred reflections in Graphics Settings, then in deferred shading reflection probes are done Unity 5.0/5.1 style (per-object).
  • Reflection Probes: blurriness of glossy reflections from Realtime Reflection Probes matches Baked probes better now
  • Shaders: Smoothness curve of Standard shader matches Substance Painter and Marmoset Toolbag2 (only when tools is using GGX) very closely now
  • Shaders: To improve visual quality of specular highlight Standard is now using GGX distribution function. Previously Blinn-Phong was used
  • Unity IAP: ProcessPurchase called from background thread on Android. Moved to the scripting thread before invoking an App's event handlers.
  • WebGL: Make the path names for all output files configurable in the html


  • [GLCORE][OSX] Creating script's component throws a series of errors OPENGL ERRORS
  • Android: AndroidJava - Fixed recursion in AndroidJavaProxy
  • Android: Buildpipe - don't open file dialogs when in batch mode
  • Android: Buildpipe - fixed an issue where projects created on Mac wouldn't build on Windows
  • Android: Fixed an issue where a problematic EGL configuration was picked up on some Samsung devices
  • Android: Fixed slow audio clip loading and slow level loading
  • Animation: Fixed animation of material properties in the animation window.
  • API Updater: Fix crashing when checking for obsolete API in assemblies referencing unity extensions
  • AssetBundle: Fix the issue that the sprite atlas has been stored twice in AssetBundles.
  • DisplayProgressBar replaces forward slash with a backslash
  • Editor: Fixed rare crash when a component is missing a script reference
  • GI: Now terrain heightmap painting can correctly trigger the baking of GI on that part of the terrain and the editor won't crash when a terrain is duplicated.
  • Graphics: "Target Display" Dialog for Multi Display Rendering is missing
  • Graphics: Fix for stalls when loading textures on single processor machines.
  • IL2CPP: fixed an issue where an empty project would display "The class with classID: 43 is not registered (see ClassIDs.h)" error at runtime
  • IL2CPP: Fixed crash caused by ISerializationCallbackReceiver being stripped
  • iOS: Don't crash when splash screen xib is deleted from project
  • iOS: Export correct image for iPad launch screen
  • iOS: Fix incorrect landscape launch orientation on iPad
  • iOS: Fix minor launch screen placement issue on devices with large resolution screens
  • iOS: Fix second-stage splashscreen on some devices with iOS 6 and 7
  • Mecanim: Changed error message when animator transitions cannot be previewed
  • Mecanim: Fixed a problem with state machines where Animation events on the first frame wouldn't fire in some cases
  • MonoDevelop: Fixed regression where MonoDevelop would report ERR_UNLOADED when setting breakpoints.
  • OpenGL: Fixed texture memory usage reporting in profiler, was twice the actual size for most textures
  • Physics: Added tooltips for JointLimits min and max values and freespin parameter
  • Physics: BoxCastAll, SphereCastAll, CapsuleCastAll now return zero RaycastHit.point for colliders overlapping with the sweep primitive at the initial position. Previously the result was undefined, which oftentimes matched the point returned by the previous sweep, but not necessarily so.
  • Physics: Fix crashing when calling HingeJoint.useMotor or HingeJoint.useSpring on disabled a HingeJoint
  • Physics: Fix ignore settings not being applied to WheelCollider (when set with Physics.IgnoreCollision
  • Physics: Fix OnTriggerXXX not being called on Trigger Colliders that are children of GameObjects with a Rigidbody
  • Physics: Fix performance issue with unneeded error string formatting
  • Physics: Fixed cases where a ConfigurableJoint's JointDrive's spring stiffness and damping were not being set.
  • Physics: HingeJoint2D no longer produces incorrect reference angles from Rigidbody2D angles.
  • Physics: Physics2D, Collider2D & Rigidbody2D IsTouching and IsTouchingLayers now correctly represents Box2D contact state.
  • Physics: Physics2D.CircleCastXXX and Physics2D.BoxCastXXX now correctly detect very fractional overlaps.
  • Script Debugging: Fixed Unity crash when debugging with Visual Studio Tools for Unity 2.1
  • Scripting: Avoid Editor hang during close or script recompile if sockets are being used
  • Scripting: Do not set default System.Threading.SynchronizationContext.Current in .Net 2.0 Subset profile. Matches .Net 2.0 profile behavior.
  • Scripting: Fix crash when nested coroutine returns empty enumerator
  • Scripting: Fix enumerating Process.Modules in .Net 2.0 Subset profile.
  • Scripting: Fix enumerating Process.Threads in .Net 2.0 Subset profile.
  • Shaders: Strength of glossy reflections is now independent from cubemap resolution
  • Unity IAP: Fix for iOS crash on FinishTransaction, which occurs when StoreKit tells Unity IAP about a product that was not requested by the Application, e.g. the user owns an old product that is no longer sold.
  • Unity IAP: Fix Unity IAP sending Transaction receipt/signature to Analytics for reporting purposes
  • WebGL: fix importing wav files with floating point samples
  • WebGL: fix RightAlt key when used as AltGr to access special keyboard layouts
  • When a button contains a image and text the layout logic does not work properly
  • Windows Store Apps: add supprt for new UWP capabilities and their population to manifest
  • Windows Store Apps: add UWP specific icon support and fix manifest creation
  • Windows Store Apps: fix occasional rendering freeze when leaving and comming back in lanscape mode
  • Windows Store Apps: setup initial orientations from Player Settings
  • Windows Store: fixed an issue which caused functions RunningOnUIThread and RunningOnAppThread in UnityEngine.WSA.Application to throw exceptions if called on non-main thread.
  • Windows Store: fixed an issue which made UWP class libraries throw FileNotFoundException when invoking into native WinRT components.

The following are changes and fixes to 5.3 features and regressions...


  • Editor: Fix Selection style not showing selection background in Package Import/Export windows.


  • MSE: Added SaveScenes(Scene[] scenes) api for multi scene setup
  • MSE: Show scene headers for search results when having multi scene setup in Hierarchy


  • Disallow dragging items around when showing search result in the Hierarchy
  • Editor: Fix on creating new scene you always get pop up window refering to multiple scenes (even only having 1 scene)
  • Editor: Fix that unloading a dirty scene did not ask for confirmation (resulting in data loss)
  • Editor: TreeView exanding/collapsing animation has been disabled again
  • iOS: Fix incorrect platform defines exposed to user scripts
  • Mecanim: Fixed a regression where some Light properties could not be animated
  • MSE: Fix dropping audio source on inactive scene and dropping between GameObjects
  • MSE: Fix dropping GameObject between the first item in the hierarchyview and the top of the hierarchyview
  • MSE: Fix the issue that renaming scene in the project panel does not update in the hierarchy panel.
  • MSE: Fix the issue that setting object's parent to null in Awake makes it invisible in the hierarchy.
  • MSE: Fix the issue that trying to load a scene which was deleted throws exception.
  • Physics: Collider2D.Density property is now animated when showing/hiding in the inspector.
  • Physics: Expose Anchor, Target & AutoConfigureTarget properties on TargetJoint2D.
  • Physics: Fix Joint2D BreakForce/BreakTorque not showing in inspector window.
  • Physics: RelativeJoint2D AutoConfigureOffset property now exposed in the inspector.
  • Physics: RelativeJoint2D LinearOffset/AngularOffset properties can now be changed in the inspector.
  • Physics: TargetJoint2D now has a consistent initial target and anchor.
  • SpeedTree: Fixed an issue where changing the shader in BillboardRenderer inspector and then saving the scene would emit error messages.
  • SpeedTree: Fixed an issue where enabling SpeedTree billboard shadow in legacy deferred rendering path would break billboard rendering.
  • Terrain: Fixed a crash when calling Terrain.CreateTerrainGameObject() with a null reference.
  • WebGL: early enumeration of media devices to fix WebCam support
  • Windows Store: fixed a handle leak in generated C++ visual studio project.
  • Windows Store: fixed an issue which prevented project from being built if there was two versions of the same plugin targeting each of supported scripting backends (il2cpp and .NET).
  • Windows Store: native plugins are now correctly included in the generated project when using il2cpp scripting backend

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