Unity 5.2.0 Beta 6

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Windows (X86-64)

macOS (X86-64)

Known Issues

  • Connect: 'Go to Dashboard' link for Multiplayer lead to Cloud Build
  • Editor: Crash in 64 bit Editor when using Lavasoft's webcompanion (and other proxies). 32 bit builds work.
  • Editor: Crash if hidden game object is part of the scene and Play is chosen, or scene is closed.
  • Editor: Applying Prefab changes creates duplicate of prefab in hierarchy
  • Mac: Clicking on the Assets/GameObject/Component main menu items causes Unity to crash


  • Graphics: Material.CopyPropertiesFromMaterial also copies shader keywords and render queue now.


  • Audio: Audio file size display is inconveniently only displayed in bytes.
  • Audio: Improved preview rendering of audioclips, especially for clips that are very short.
  • Audio: Improved the inspector of the AudioMixer performance parameters.
  • Audio: One-shot sounds now also contribute to the data read by AudioSource.GetAudioData/GetSpectrumData.
  • Mecanim: Added AnimationClipPlayable.speed to the API


  • Android: Fixed crash affecting some PowerVR 544 devices
  • Android: IL2CPP - Fixed compilation on paths with spaces
  • Android: Stripping - don't strip AssetBundle class or it removes LoadAssetAsync
  • Android: WWW - report HTTP status and response in case of failure
  • Audio: Fixed AudioSource inspector not updating to show new pitch value when this is set from script.
  • Audio: Fixed occasional crash at editor shutdown.
  • Audio: Fixed occasional crashes that could occur with non-blocking sounds if the audio source was stopped right after being started.
  • Audio: Fixed some memory leaks.
  • Audio: Fixed undo of AudioMixerGroup colour changing and Solo/Mute/Bypass toggling.
  • Audio: Transition to null snapshot in AudioMixer was crashing editor
  • Graphics: Fixed bug in ES 3 shader code generator that caused clipping problems in UI shaders
  • Graphics: Fixed material keywords and renderQueue not copied over by new Material(material) constructor and Material.CopyPropertiesFromMaterial.
  • Graphics: Fixed MSAA initialization on older devices which only support multisampled_render_to_texture
  • Multiplayer: Fixed MatchMakingClient constructor generating an error when created outside the main thread
  • Multiplayer: Fixed NetworkServer.ReplacePlayerForConnection not setting up ownership of the new player object properly
  • Multiplayer: Fixed NetworkServer.Spawn failing silently when the server is not active.
  • Multiplayer: Fixed NetworkServer.Unspawn not allowing objects to re-spawned.
  • Multiplayer: Fixed NullReferenceException when a client disconnects after the player object was deleted

The following are changes and fixes to 5.2 features and regressions...


  • Graphics: Fixed 5.2 crash that happened with some shaders when shadows are being used.
  • Mecanim: Fixed crash when disabling GameObject in OnExitState
  • Mecanim: Fixed crash with empty controller
  • Mecanim: Fixed disabled Animator advancing time
  • Mecanim: Fixed LiveLink issues
  • Mecanim: Fixed performance regression
  • Mecanim: Fixed TransitionPreviewer trying to fire AnimationEvents
  • Native Plugin API: Removed IUnityApplication interface.
  • Reflection Probes: Disable blend distance UI when not using deferred shading.
  • Windows Store: Enabeld GPU profiler on Windows 10 universal apps
  • Windows Store: Fixed back button handling in Windows 10 universal apps
  • Windows Store: Fixed Handheld.Vibrate on Windows 10 universal apps
  • Windows Store: Fixed Memory usage display in Windows 10 universal apps
  • Windows Store: Fixed Screen.dpi in Windows 10 universal apps
  • Windows Store: Fixed SDK specific plugins get put into wrong folders on Windows 8.1 universal apps
  • Windows Store: Significantly reduced memory usage of Windows 10 universal apps when running on ARM device. This brings it in line with memory usage on Windows 8.1 applications
  • WP8: Fixed crash on pause/resume.

Third Party Notices

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