Unity 2020.2 release

New features and updates for platforms

Whether you’re building experiences for augmented or virtual reality, mobile, web, desktop or consoles, we have features and enhancements to make the development process even smoother.

Augmented reality (AR)

AR Foundation 4.0 is now verified

In 2020.2, AR Foundation, our multi-platform framework for AR development now includes support for meshing. Developers benefit from their AR experiences blending much more seamlessly into the real world– enabling virtual content to be occluded with real-world objects and realistically interact with the physical environment.

With LiDAR sensors on the latest iPhone 12 Pro and iPad Pro, these devices can generate even more accurate mesh representations of the real world. 


Samsung Adaptive Performance 2.0 is here

Adaptive Performance 2.0 comes with new Sample Projects to showcase different new features including Variable Refresh Rate, Scalers, and Adaptive Performance Simulator extension to emulate Adaptive Performance on any device.


Native Apple silicon support

With Unity 2020.2, you can target the next evolution of Mac hardware with native support for Apple silicon using the standalone player.

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