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Email confirmation

When your purchase has been processed, we will send a confirmation email to the main account holder. This email also includes instructions on how to access the benefits included with this product. 

Access Unity Learn benefits

You will be able to access the following benefits in Unity Learn as part of your membership:

  • A year-long subscription to Unity Professional Development with access to multiple expert-led courses.  
  • Unlimited access for your students to certification-aligned curriculum. 
  • Unlimited access to the School Partner Portal and educational resource library. 

To grant access to the appropriate individuals, you will complete the form linked in the email. This form is designed for school administrators, educators, and students who will be accessing the gated portions of the Unity Learn platform and can be submitted multiple times if necessary.


Redeem Learning Credits

Membership includes 30 Unity Learning Credits. Each credit can be redeemed for a certification exam, courseware, or practice test of your choice. 

To access Unity Certification materials, you will need to log in to our partner platform, Xvoucher. Within a few business days of your purchase, you will receive a separate email from Xvoucher with your login information.

Detailed instructions for redeeming your Learning Credits on the Xvoucher platform can be found in this step-by-step tutorial.

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