Unity 5.1.0

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NOTE: Unity 5.1 has shifted to Release Candidate phase! As such, a weekly release schedule may not be followed.


  • Editor: Fixed assets deletion on folder rename when one of the assets is locked
  • Android: Fixed native plugins that were using GL ES textures
  • Mecanim: Fixed additionnal transforms on Humanoid rig not being animated
  • Home Window: Fixed Alert not appearing on username or password failure

Known Issues:

  • Physics: HingeJoint Bounciness only works when Joint Preprocessing is enabled.
  • VR: Judder on OSX.
  • VR: OSX Standalone 32-bit does not work, use 64-bit.
  • VR: Health and Safety warning flickers. Either physically tap the HMD after 5 seconds to dismiss, or permanently disable the warning at your own risk.
  • Mecanim: Setting AnimatorState.speed to 0 doesn’t pause the animation as expected.
  • Mecanim: Switching runtime AnimatorState.speed from positive to negative break animation continuity.
  • Mecanim: Copy-Pasting StateMachines will not copy the Transitions inside of them.

Third Party Notices

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