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Known Issues in 2021.3.3f1

  • Asset - Database: Texture size increased on first build when 'Compress Textures/Assets on Import' is enabled (1397965)

  • Asset Bundles: Textures are not compressed when building bundles (1412557)

  • DirectX11: Crash on GfxDeviceD3D11Base::ResolveDepthIntoTexture when opening the project (1408785)

  • Graphics Device Features: Random-write to UAV texture from shadowcaster shader causes GPU hang when filtering Scene Hierarchy objects (1417589)

  • IL2CPP: [Mobile] [IL2CPP] Build fails when using custom script and target architecture ARM64 is selected (1420369)

  • IMGUI: Impossible to change the Gradient's location value in the Visual Effects Graph when using the keyboard (1420954)

  • Inspector Framework: First array element expansion is broken for arrays that use Custom Property Drawers (1409773)

  • Kernel: Unity crashes on StackWalker::GetCurrentCallstack when rest-certificate.pem is corrupted (1423569)

  • Linux: Editor crashes at "GfxDeviceGLES::DrawBuffersBatchMode" when entering Play Mode in the LEGO tutorial (1423683)

  • Linux: New Input System's Input Actions windows's Binding Path dropdown is rendered as an empty white square on Linux (1391850)

  • Metal: Consistent EditorLoop 5-10ms spikes when using Metal API (1378985)

  • Mono: Crash with ScanAssemblyForAttributesAndInterfaceImplementations when opening a project (1376858)

  • Mono: Editor crashes intermittently on mono_object_isinst when closing it in batch mode or when building (1418292)

  • Mono: [Android] "Found plugins with same names" error is thrown when building on Android with duplicate .dll files (1373388)

  • Package: Crash on TcpProtobufClient::EndBatch when creating a Prefab and Cache Server is disconnected (1383891)

  • Package: Empty "StreamingAssets" folder gets created after building an empty project (1423325)

  • Package: Unity crashes in batch mode when using -vcsMode Perforce (1396449)

  • Physics: Crash on internalABP::ABP_PairManager::addPair when switching to ArticulationJointType.SphericalJoint during runtime (1418715)

  • Progressive Lightmapper: [GPU PLM] OpenCL shader loading time in the new projects has become significantly slower (1389752)

  • Quality of Life: [Mac] ShortcutManager ignores Shift modifier (1424655)

  • Serialization: Editor crash when deserializing an array of a type with a nested fixed-size buffer field (1400774)

  • Shader System: Editor crashes in Play mode when Groupshared memory and a constant buffer value is used in a compute shader on OpenGLES3 (1413012)

  • Shadows/Lights: Scene is brighter in Standalone player if it was open in the Editor at build time (1375015)

  • Web Platform: [Linux] Webgl build crashes every time when using Unity Editor on Linux (1411380)

2021.3.3f1 Release Notes


  • Asset Pipeline: Accelerator Corruption Detection


  • Android: Bump Android Logcat package to 1.3.2 version.


  • iOS: Changed how selection is handled if it's set before the on screen keyboard has showed up.

  • Package: com.unity.purchasing version updated to 4.1.4


  • 2D: Fixed issue where Sprite reference might be lost after upgrading. (1398401)

  • Android: Fixed a Unity Audio bug related to Bluetooth audio. This was causing issues with Vivox, and possibly other 3rd part audio libraries, with Bluetooth functionality. On Android, Bluetooth audio state is basically global, so Unity Audio now only makes the bare minimum changes to this state. We may still call startBluetoothSco and stopBluetoothSco when starting or re-initializing the audio output engine and when starting/stopping the Unity microphone. We may also call AudioManager.setMode when starting/stopping a Bluetooth mic through the Unity microphone APIs, but that's it. (1418634)

  • Asset Import: Changing texture shape no longer causes NullReferenceExceptions. (1355120)

  • Asset Import: Upgraded boost::asio version to v1.20.0. (1408567)

  • Build System: Removed legacy project file causing issues when opened through VSCode's Omnisharp. (1389396)

  • Editor: Fixed crash when calling GUIClip.SetMatrix early in the domain reload. (1332043)

  • Editor: Fixed editor freezes for a moment when moved from one screen to another with different resolution scale. (1322959)

  • Editor: Fixed editor mode shortcut of custom commands not working. (1421416)

  • Editor: Fixed occasional missed mouse messages in the Windows Editor when the cursor is locked. (1365651)

  • Editor: Fixed ReorderableList custom element height callback exception when there are no elements in the list. (1399803)

  • Editor: [SpeedTree] High poly SpeedTrees do not import correctly. (1364523)

  • GI: Fixed a bug where additively loading a scene could cause lighting data assets to be altered, and new lighting data assets to be created. (1381583)

  • Graphics: Fixed overlay camera stacking is not working on MacOS when using OpenGLCore with MSAA. (1250331)

  • Graphics: Fixed validation error on Vulkan when transitioning layout from VK_IMAGE_LAYOUT_PRESENT_SRC_KHR. (1380371)

  • HDRP: Fixed a leak when creating and destroying manually reflection probes. (1394192)

  • HDRP: Fixed NaNs in volumetric clouds on consoles. (1419211)

  • HDRP: Fixed prefab mode context visibility not hiding custom passes, decals, and local volumetric fog objects. (1395948)

  • iOS: Fixed Input Field caret jumping when Hide Mobile Input is used. (1415962)

  • iOS: Fixed occasional xcode 13.3 build fail due to "a cyclic reference". (1418416)

  • Linux: Fixed editor crash on startup when opened on machines with certain Intel MESA cards. (1375312)

  • Linux: Fixed linux playmode window from processing multiple mouse events on each mouse click event. (1337545)

  • Linux: Fixed maximizing of playmode window on linux while trying to change tabs to scene view. (1407426)

  • Linux: Fixed Shift + Tab keyboard input to support backwards navigation in Linux editor text fields. (1396671)

  • macOS: Fixed flicker in splash screen when using OpenGL. (1396489)

  • macOS: Fixed OSX sending a Return keycode event when return was pressed to confirm an IME string. (1381684)

  • macOS: MoveMainWindowTo no longer fails to switch screens when monitors are scaled. (1417303)

  • Mobile: Added a new Player setting "Reset resolution on window resize" to reset resolution when native window is resized. (1393410)

  • Networking: UnityWebRequest: fix support for System.Uri with file path containing spaces and plus characters (both at the same time). (1367599)

  • Particles: Fixed ringbuffer mode to work properly with pause-and-catchup culling mode. (1385616)

  • Profiler: Fixed Asset Loading Profiler module Hierarchy sorting. (1369190)

  • Profiler: Fixed issue where Mesh memory usage was not being updated when applying new MeshData with Mesh.ApplyAndDisposeWritableMeshData. (1377773)

  • Scripting: Removed outdated System.Reactive extensions from .Net 4.8 profile. (1407597)

  • Search: Fixed a ThreadAbortException when creating multiple C# scripts in quick succession. (1398886)

  • Search: Fixed Advanced Object Picker does not persist settings in context menu. (1417074)

  • Search: Fixed failure while loading a search index concurrently. (1417609)

  • Search: Fixed quick Search does not find all files (when temp is part of the folder name). (1409878)

  • Search: Fixed search freeze Unity if opening query block selector and if the scene provider is still searching for some results. (1411739)

  • Search: Fixed thumbnails in Search window (with inspector panel turned on) changing when selected. (1402123)

  • Search: Fixed unwanted warning shown when loading URP converters. (1410719)

  • Source Code Build: Don't strip PlatformDependent/UnixCommon from source code releases.

  • Source Code Build: Fixed ProjectFile dependency breakage for source code customers.

  • uGUI: Fixed incorrect input coordinates when using multiple displays and the main display had a non native resolution. (1141732)

  • uGUI: Fixed InputField not correctly handling IME input when return was pressed. (1349037)

  • UI Toolkit: Fixed issue when item is removed from hierarchy while the pointer is still in a captured state. (1389285)

  • UI Toolkit: Fixed possible NullReferenceException in BaseTreeView.OnViewDataReady. (1401264)

  • UI Toolkit: Theme Style Sheet doesn't update when it has been changed more than once through script. (1377689)

  • Universal: Fixed spot and point light harsh distance falloff artefact on some platforms due to fp16 precision issue. (1416456)

  • Universal: Fixed _InternalLut being released too early and logging warnings when using post-processing in stacked camera's in URP 2D. (1378811)

  • Universal: Reverted behavior to allow FinalBlit being skipped when the user has no ScriptableRenderPasses with "AfterRendering" as renderEvent while finalPostProcessing is not needed. (1407414)

  • WebGL: Fixed automatic playback of compressed audio. (1395655)

  • Windows: Fixed mouse button occasional becoming stuck in "down" state when running in Play Mode. (1405273)

  • XR: Updated the verified AR Foundation related packages to 4.2.3. Please see the AR Foundation package changelog for details.

Package changes in 2021.3.3f1

Packages updated


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