Unity 2017.2.3

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  • iOS: Metal: Enabled setDepthClipMode on all supported devices.
  • Linux - Improve filesystem performance to handle large cache sizes.
  • XR: Updated Google VR NDK to 1.130 for Android/1.120 for iOS.
  • XR - Updated Oculus to version 1.22.


  • 2D: Fixed an issue that was causing the Physics Shape of a Sprite2D to not being properly set unless the 'Edit Physics Shape' tab was opened first. (986368)(985912)
  • Android: Workaround gyroscope lag issues that happen on some android devices. (912848)
  • Android: Fixed Time.deltaTime sometimes returning a negative value on certain devices/Android versions. (1013174 (970945)
  • Android: Fixed unity pausing during Android Handheld.PlayFullScreenMovie start. (978599)
  • Android: Fixed possible crash with Performance Reporting enabled. (965024)
  • Android: Fixed Skybox distortion on specific Android devices with Vivante GC1000/GC2000 GPU. (967647)(903140)
  • Asset Import: Fixed crash when importing fbx .meta files that contain references to inexisting scripts. (999832)(960267)
  • AssetBundles: Fixed packing AudioMixerController, AudioMixerGroup and AudioMixerSnapshot into bundles with disabled type trees. (976768)
  • Audio: Fixed a bug where the matrices passed to spatializer and ambisonic plugins could be set to the identity matrix briefly when a sound starts playing. (991034)
  • Build Pipeline: Fixed old UnityChannel Xaiomi files not being deleted when new package manager package is installed. (None)
  • Editor: Fixed local assets being overwritten during collab update. (1014028)(952569)
  • Editor: Fixed editor crashing in "RenderSelectionOutline" when using ImageEffectAllowedInSceneView and set camera's targetTexture to null. (966404)
  • Editor: Fixed an issue where changing override format on a texture could cause Unity to crash. (961745)
  • Editor: Fixed vsync not always off in scene view on macOS. (1009687)
  • Editor: Fixed skinned mesh not being removed on undo. (925835)
  • Editor: Fixed input field staying highlighted after Enter key was pressed. (998785)
  • Editor: Fixed errors related to temp TLS allocations. (926833 (921915)
  • Editor: Fixed various UnityEditor.VersionControl.Provider APIs when used with newly created VersionControl.Assets. (905161)
  • Editor: Fixed early flipping of login page in Mac by increasing the timeout. (980070)
  • Editor: Fixed an issue where multiple precompiled test assemblies with the same name would cause an error. (997902)(995476)
  • Editor: Fixed a Windows-specific crash in YAMLMerge when trying to merge files. (1001449)
  • Editor: Fixed the issue where dragging the slider was producing multiple undo steps. (998785)
  • Editor: Fixed various performance issues in YAMLMerge. (1001460)
  • FMOD: Fixed a performance regression in FMOD. (None)
  • GI: Fixed realtime probes going black when unloading a scene that was a part of a multi-scene bake. (996127)
  • GI: Fixed brighter baked or real-time lightmaps compared to 2017.1 when using emissive materials. (986160)
  • GI: Fixed duplicate GI light probe data in the player build with scenes that were part of a multi-scene bake. (971907)
  • GI: Fixed an issue where LoadDataTimeSliced works on the wrong scene mapping in the Editor. (1000692)
  • GI: Fixed realtime probes not working when loading scenes (that were baked together) additively. (957736)
  • GI: Fixed the "m_ProbeSetHashes.empty()" error occuring in certain projects when clearing the GI cache or when quitting the standalone. (949117)
  • GI: Fixed harmless "Lighting data asset [...] is inconsistent" errors when moving those assets between projects. (990626)
  • GI: Fixed errors on loading Enlighten probesets in the Editor after clearing the GI cache. (980811)
  • GI: Fixed an issue where baking multiple scenes together resulted in a LightingData.asset file vastly bigger than the sum of the sizes of the assets being baked in scenes. (913869)
  • Graphics: Fixed a potential crash when using marquee selection in the Editor, to select dynamic geometry such as particles, lines and trails. (1021655)
  • Graphics: Fixed Android/OpenGLES Cubemap native texture not being registered correctly causing cubemap CopyTexture to native texture to fail. This also fixed Oculus Cubemap overlays not rendering. (1014884)
  • Graphics: Fixed OpenGL ES crash due to problem with cached VertexAttribArray. (989484)
  • Graphics: Fixed black screen on devices that do not support RGBA16F rendering to texture. (989654)
  • Home: Fixed multiple issues with styling to enable windows scaling. (None)
  • Home: Fixed the launcher manage license page not handling losing of the network properly. (None)
  • IL2CPP: Added Windows runtime storage extensions. (992138)
  • IL2CPP: Improved the startup performance of Unity players built with IL2CPP. (989476)
  • IL2CPP: Reduced Android build size. (None)
  • IL2CPP: Handle method parameter attributes for methods on generic types. (999803)
  • IL2CPP: Corrected a possible build failure with IL2CPP when an attribute constructor has two arguments of type object. (993422)
  • Inspector Functionality: Fixed objects using HideAndDontSave being visible in preview windows, after being disabled and enabled. (963576)
  • iOS: Fixed crashes on some iOS devices due to unbound textures when using Metal API. (1002408)
  • iOS: Fixed standard shader specular highlights on mobiles. (None)
  • iOS: Added support for iPhone X second stage splash screen. (972995)
  • iOS: Fixed ReadPixels() crash on Metal when reading out of bounds of current active render texture. (990594)(981074)
  • iOS: Fixed Display.SetResolution not working during the first frame. (1003879)(995079)
  • iOS: Fixed crash when creating texture from PNG image when cardboard VR is enabled. (1016615 (1013198)
  • iOS: Fixed an audio crash when moving an app to the background, and back to the foreground. (967197)
  • iOS: Metal: Fixed MSAA behavior when using RenderPass. (N/A)
  • iPhone X: Fixed navigating to home pressing buttons located at the bottom of the screen. (973437)
  • Linux: Fixed Linux touch input for mouse events. (947049)
  • Mobile: Fixed crash in SplatMaterials::FindMaterialProperties when opening a scene with a certain Terrain and Material combination. (919769)
  • Mono: Fixed random error when using UDPClient. (990979)
  • Multiplayer: Fixed server active disconnect client for web sockets. (N/A)
  • Multiplayer: Fixed editor crashing on AddWebsocketHost on second instance using the same port. (1008385)
  • OSX: Fixed crash in UnitcodeInputView during editor shutdown. (946958)
  • Package Manager: Fixed project stored on OneDrive causing Package Manager error and preventing a project from being opened. (841172)
  • Package Manager: Fixed building as the local system user failing on Windows. (960093)
  • Particles: Fixed alpha output not being clamped to ensure compatibility with HDR. (967476)
  • Particles: Fixed crash when emitting particles from script. (988854)
  • Particles: Fixed error when sorting by youngest/oldest. (988874)
  • Particles: Fix edperformance regressions when emitting from script with a Size module enabled. (983677)
  • Particles: Fixed Prefab modifications allowed to be added multiple times. (989631)
  • Particles: Fixed Rate over Distance emission in Edit Mode. (1009717 (967752)
  • Physics: Ensured that a Kinematic Rigidbody2D created in script stays in a relative position to any parent Rigidbody2D when reparented. (983374)
  • Physics: Fixed disabling and enabling a collider on an inactive gameobject producing transform error messages. (985757)(968882)
  • Physics: Ensured that recursive 2D physics callbacks do not causes a crash when reparenting/disabling with existing contacts. (1006679)
  • Scripting: Fixed incorrect value when using Math.Round with MidpointRounding.AwayFromZero. (993302)
  • Scripting: Fixed exception when binding delegate with Enum value to method with int parameter. (977917)
  • Scripting: Fixed crash when using named pipes. (929984)
  • Services: Fixed exception when building in Cloud Build with Performance Reporting enabled. (996951)
  • Shaders: Fixed an issue with the Shader Compiler which would result in GLSL based platforms not being able to compiler certain shaders. (919351)
  • Shaders: Fixed shader compiler crash when compiling specific D3D9 shaders. (968997)
  • Substance: Fixed a memory leak when using cloned ProceduralMaterials. (1005779)
  • Timeline: Fixed issues where copied Timeline tracks and clips could retain a link to the source asset, or end up being saved as part of the source asset. (979587) (991434)
  • UI: Fixed instances where Font.textureRebuilt would not be called even though the internal texture was regenerated. (988310)(939853)
  • UI: Fixed OnEndDrag not being called when dragging while the application loses focus. (995453)(937370)
  • UI: Fixed crash in profiler window when a linked Render Texture Camera is disabled. (984325)(966106)
  • Unity Connect: Fixed codeless IAP button missing its attached script when rebuilding the library. (None)
  • Universal Windows Platform: Fixed compiler warnings about inconsistent DLL linkage when using Windows 10 Fall Creators Update SDK. (None)
  • Universal Windows Platform: Fixed player getting stuck on a white screen when a fatal error (such as unable to load files or system doesn't meet minimum requirements) occurs during startup. (1010354)
  • Universal Windows Platform: Fixed a crash in .NET native compiler ("RHB0011: Internal error: 'pchTypeNameEnd[0] == L'>"at'f:\dd\ndp\rh\src\tools\rhbind\makepdb.cpp:998") in certain scenarios involving plugins. (991154)
  • Universal Windows Platform: Fixed build failing on IL2CPP scripting backend if class library from Mono directory was copied into the project (like System.Data.dll). (997876)
  • Universal Windows Platform: Fixed Application.isMobilePlatform results to be consistent with SystemInfo.deviceType. Also update API docs for these APIs. (991466)
  • Universal Windows Platform: Fixed .NET native compiler crash when using List or List in a serializable class. (979741)
  • Universal Windows Platform: Fixed reference rewriter not fixing references for System.Net.Sockets.Socket when DLL where it's being referenced was compiled against .NET 3.5. (947209)
  • VR: Fixing crash involving VR Mock Device when using TrackedPoseDriver. (966990)
  • WebGL: Fixed not handling playBuffer exception when there is no audio output on Safari. (994913)(960863)
  • Windows: Fixed resolution dialog not showing monitor list and crashing on pressing 'Play' button on some weird monitor setups. (996015)
  • Windows: Fixed mouse events for non-primary display on Windows standalone player. (None)
  • Windows: Fixed assert when stopping and then immediately destroying DictationRecognizer. (986045)
  • Windows: Player executable is once again large address aware. (990939)
  • Windows: Fixed crash on startup in case screen width/height player preferences in registry got corrupted. (979198)
  • Windows: Fixed opening project in Editor causing Unity to terminate it without opening the new one. (1016692 (978204)
  • Xbox One: Updated Mono to support dynamic function calls on Xbox One. (938545)
  • XR: Fixed an issue with lights failing to completely illuminate scene geometry during stereo rendering. (965494)
  • XR: Update VR SDK not supported in Editor warning. (None)
  • XR: Fixed incorrect thread affinity setting on Gear VR. (None)
  • XR: Fixed stabilization plane not getting set correctly via the SetFocusPointForFrame() API, resulting in poor hologram stabilization and color separation on HoloLens. (995065)

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