Unity 5.5.2 Patch 2

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  • (884523) - Animation: Playback range is now correctly displayed after changing the Samples of a clip.
  • (873836) - GameObject: Fixed position inconsistency when using generic instantiate.
  • (866194) - iOS: Fixed build errors in XCode when stripping is enabled using Mono scripting backend.
  • (880773) - IOS: Fixed WebRequest setting the IsError property correctly.
  • (875180) - iOS: Removed extra notification sent on application launch.
  • (878716) - Kernel: Prevent scripts from adding Transform-derived components during their Awake methods.
  • (869169) - Mono: Fixed a C# compiler bug which could cause an incorrect compiler error in some cases when overloaded generic methods were used.
  • (878859) - Mono: Fixed a crash which could occur in the editor when deep profiling was enabled.
  • (881847) - Particles: Fixed an incorrect velocity for first frame when a rigidbody was first enabled.
  • (886574) - Physics: Fixed a crash caused by changing the value of the configuredInWorldSpace flag on a Joint attached to an inactive GameObject.
  • (859418) - Shaders: Fixed a crash in ShaderLab::shaderprops::GetMatrix when using OpenGL API when using specific graphics drivers on Windows.
  • (857047) - Terrain: Fixed a crash when loading a scene with a terrain and trees and then unloading the previous scene.
  • (876027, 880565) - UnityWebRequest: Fixed high CPU usage/fareeze after aborting (leaving play mode) UWR with custom download handler script.
  • (876823) - UnityWebRequest: URLs without '%' character will be escaped and the ones with '%' will be assumed to be properly escaped.
  • (874571) - Windows Store: Fixed the issue whereby secure connections were not working when using UnityWebRequest.

Known Issues

  • (888339) - OpenGL : Internal testing reported a crash in InitWGL, when opening a project with -force-opengl command. This issue will be fixed in one of the next patch releases.

Revision: 03f34082a9c0


Third Party Notices

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