Unity Simulation Pro

Cutting-edge simulation without compromise.

Smarter simulation

Unity Simulation Pro, a runtime build optimized for simulations, enables engineers to run multiple scenarios with accurate physics at any scale, on premises or in a private cloud. Save time and resources, and arrive at the right decision faster with the power of professional-grade simulation.

Redefine what’s possible

By removing dependencies on systems that do not benefit from simulation, Unity Simulation Pro streamlines and accelerates your workflow at every stage of the development lifecycle.

Everything you need to create precise simulations
  • Accurate physics, vehicle, and system models 
  • Validated agent behaviors to ensure people, bicycles, cars and more are realistic for testing and optimizing robots, autonomous vehicles and manufacturing systems.
Run complex simulations at scale
  • On-premises, private, or multi-cloud 
  • Multi-GPU distributed rendering to share the workload, enabling multiple cameras, complex scenes, and high-throughput co-simulation
  • Server-scale horsepower and lightweight compute footprint
Customer story

Training embodied AI agents

The Allen Institute for AI (AI2) used reinforcement learning and Unity Simulation Pro to train a robot to maneuver around a room. Unity Simulation Pro sped up the process from 200 fps using one GPU to over 5,000 fps using 32 GPUs. The time it takes to train their robot was reduced from more than two weeks to less than two hours.

Abhinav Gupta, Associate Professor, Carnegie Mellon University

“Projects that used to take weeks to finish now finish in just a few days.”

Abhinav Gupta, Associate Professor, Carnegie Mellon University

Key benefits

Test and learn faster

Test more, iterate faster, and accelerate your time to insights and results with ever tighter feedback loops.

Cut the fat

Read data directly from the rendering pipeline and boost GPU efficiency by up to 50% with Linux-based headless rendering. Both headless rendering and multi-GPU distributed rendering are available. Choose one or use both, depending on your project.

High performance + efficiency

Maintain high simulation speed and run multiple camera sensors across various accelerators, locally or in the cloud.


Run executables in various environments, your way. You can even containerize the application without worrying about setup.

Ready to get started?

Contact us to see what a simulation-optimized version of the Unity runtime can do for your team.

Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

How much does Unity Simulation Pro cost?

Pricing is based on your infrastructure. Contact us to get a quote.

How is Unity Simulation Pro different from Unity Pro runtime? Does it require separate licensing?

Unity Simulation Pro is a simulation-optimized version of the Unity Pro runtime and requires separate licensing.

Which server and operating systems does Unity Simulation Pro support?

Multi-GPU distributed rendering runs on any operating system. Headless rendering is Linux-only.

What version of Unity does Unity Simulation Pro support?

Unity 2020.3 and above.

Which LTS version should I use with Unity Simulation Pro?

Unity 2020 LTS (2020.3).

Can I use both headless rendering and multi-GPU distributed rendering?

Both headless rendering and multi-GPU distributed rendering are available as separate features within Unity Simulation Pro. Depending on the needs of your project, you can use one or both.

Can I run Unity Simulation Pro in a managed cloud?

Please contact us for more information.

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