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Experience immersive and collaborative real-time 3D environments, including in AR and VR, for better decision-making across your entire project lifecycle.

A solution for every project

Unity Reflect’s suite of products helps you connect BIM data, stakeholders, and every phase of the AEC lifecycle in one immersive, collaborative real-time platform. Enable better communication and facilitate faster, more impactful decision-making to win bids, catch mistakes early, prevent injuries, and more.

Unity Reflect products

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Unity Reflect Review

Easily bring your Autodesk Revit, BIM 360, Navisworks, SketchUp, and Rhino models into AR and VR to facilitate interactive design reviews between all project stakeholders.

Unity Reflect Develop

Build your own custom applications to address any problem across the entire building lifecycle and distribute commercially or to internal stakeholders.

Eduardo Pérez, Foudner, SimRTR

“What I like most about Unity Reflect is how you can combine models from different sources, bringing huge federated models to real-time with ease. It’s rather impressive that you can immediately export your model from Autodesk Revit or Rhino to the cloud and you can live-sync with several remote users, anywhere.”

Eduardo Pérez, Foudner, SimRTR
Christopher Morse, Associate | Interactive Visualization, SHoP Architects

“The better we communicate our designs to the people responsible for building them, the better feedback and results we get. Unity Reflect helps us improve that communication and ultimately saves us time and money on our projects.”

Christopher Morse, Associate | Interactive Visualization, SHoP Architects


The evolution of Unity Reflect

See how Unity Reflect became a suite of products to help you connect BIM data, stakeholders, and every phase of the AEC lifecycle in one immersive real-time platform.

How real-time 3D is revolutionizing AEC

Discover how industry leaders are changing the way buildings are designed, created, and operated.

2021 trends: Architecture, engineering and construction

Explore how digital twins, augmented and virtual reality (AR and VR), and collaborative real-time 3D design tools are going to shape the industry in 2021.

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Frequently asked questions

What does this mean for existing customers?

For current customers, your existing Unity Reflect license will work for both Unity Reflect Develop and Unity Reflect Review for the duration of your contract term. At the end of your contract terms, you will have the choice to renew as either Reflect Review or Reflect Develop.

Are there fees associated with commercially distributing a custom Unity Reflect Develop application?

Yes, please speak with a sales representative to learn more.

Why is Unity making a change to its Unity Reflect terms of service (ToS)?

Unity periodically reviews pricing and terms of service and considers making adjustments based on our commitment to constantly delivering new value to customers through functionality and services.

If a customer is looking to customize their viewer experience, which product is the best fit?

Unity Reflect Develop is the best fit for customizing the viewer experience.

Does Unity Reflect Review require the Unity Editor?

No, Unity Reflect Review is a standalone application that can be used without the Unity Editor.

Does Unity Reflect Develop require the Unity Editor?

Yes, the Unity Editor is required in order to build custom applications.

What’s on the roadmap for Unity Reflect?

Visit our public roadmap here. We’d love to hear your feedback.

How do I contact Unity with additional questions?

You can contact us here and we’ll get in touch with you shortly.

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