Unity Mediation

Increase ad demand from top networks by driving more competition for player’s attention and higher yield for your game.

Maximize the ad revenue from your creation

Unity Mediation solutions enable publishers with the tools to easily expand their ad demand by driving more competition for their inventory. Optimize network waterfalls or bidding in the Unity dashboard and simplify setup with adapter updates and code snippets available in the Unity Editor.

Networks available

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Strategic tools for maximized revenue

Whether you need waterfall or bidding, Unity Mediation empowers you to make the most out of your monetization strategy.

Grow revenue quickly
Grow revenue quickly

Unity’s Editor offers quick and easy one-click adapter updates for ad networks in the waterfall once you have completed all the initial setup and ad source configuration.

Screenshot of Waterfall Management in Unity Mediation
Analyze waterfall and network performance faster

A single waterfall gives you a quick snapshot of key metrics – like target vs actual eCPM, revenue, and fill rate by network – so you can optimize your strategies faster.

Screenshot of align pricing from Unity Mediation
Align pricing with formats and segments

Leverage waterfall strategies with mediation to set different eCPM targets based on ad formats or segments such as geography or ATT status and ad network.

Sell ad inventory to the highest bidder
Sell ad inventory to the highest bidder

Bidding calls available networks simultaneously, with the winning impression granted to the highest bid, meaning less work for you to set, review, and optimize targets by network.

Waterfall mediation for maximum control

Ad mediation is a waterfall management tool that enables multiple ad networks to compete for impressions, increasing opportunities to fill ads and drive more revenue for publishers. All this is done through a single Unity Mediation SDK with network adapter updates directly from the Unity Editor to make your experience hassle-free.

Waterfall mediation diagram

Bidding diagram

In-app bidding for more flexibility

Bidding, also known as in-app bidding, is a component of mediation that allows for top networks who partner with Unity to compete in real time for impressions. Use bidding on its own or in conjunction with traditional line items in mediation to create sophisticated monetization strategies for your game or app.

Hybrid solutions for sophisticated strategies

A hybrid setup uses both waterfalls and bidding to maximize revenue. Network calls are still prioritized from highest to lowest target eCPM, but one response is returned from all participants in bidding. This is then inserted among the manual mediation line items. A network can participate in waterfalls or bidding but not both at the same time.

Hybrid bidding diagram

Helpful resources

Check out these mediation resources to help you start earning more revenue from your creation.

Configuration and set up

Whether you already use Unity Ads or not, visit the Dashboard to configure your ad sources and set up your waterfalls.

Get support

Have a question or need help troubleshooting? If our technical documentation doesn't provide the answer, you can submit a support ticket for personalized assistance.

Mediation technical documentation

Ready to begin? Check out our technical documentation for guidance on the Mediation SDK integration and getting started in the Unity Dashboard.

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Frequently asked questions

I already use Unity Ads. Can I use Unity Mediation?

Yes! Unity Mediation still gives you access to Unity’s quality demand network (Unified Auction), as well as the option to add more network demand into your game. Unity Mediation tools exist in the Monetize Dashboard where you are already managing your monetization strategies and reports. Check out our technical docs on for more details.

What networks does Unity Mediation provide access to?

Unity’s traditional waterfall includes top networks such as Unity’s Unified Auction, Unity Ads, AdMob, ironSource, AppLovin, AdColony, and Vungle. Unity’s bidding currently includes Meta Audience Network and AdColony. Continue to check back for updates on any new available networks.

How is Mediation different from Unified Auction?

Unity’s Unified Auction refers to Unity’s network which includes access to over 60+ demand sources through direct partnerships. With Unity Mediation, you not only get access to the networks available in the waterfall, but you also get access to a wide arrangement of networks through the Unified Auction demand.

Where can I find more info about Unity Mediation?

Visit our technical resources to get started. If you have specific questions or feedback on the product, please submit a support ticket here (don’t forget to specify Mediation) or reach out to your Unity representative.

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