How to become a Game Growth partner

Accelerate your mobile game by partnering with Unity.

Applying to the Game Growth program is easy – just follow the steps below to get started.

Becoming an official Game Growth partner gives you access to industry-leading tools and studio partners to help accelerate your game. Program capacity is limited, but we encourage everyone to apply. We make it easy, right on the Unity Dashboard. All you need is a free-to-play Unity mobile game launched on iOS or Android to get started.

This guide walks you through the program structure, guidelines, and application process. If you have additional questions, check out our FAQs or email us.

Program structure and timeline

The journey to becoming a Game Growth program partner has four stages. This begins with your initial application and evaluation by our experts, and then potentially becoming an official partner based on user acquisition test performance and program fit.


This is the first stage of the Game Growth program. You can start today by reviewing the program guidelines below and applying on the Unity Dashboard. Anyone can apply who meets the program criteria. The time it takes to complete your application may vary, depending on if you have creative assets ready and how quickly you can integrate the starter package.

  • Submit your project in the Unity Dashboard.
  • Integrate the Game Growth starter package in the Unity Editor.
  • Let Unity evaluate key game metrics to determine if you move on to the testing phase.


For users that move on to evaluation, we will perform user acquisition testing across the Unity ad network to determine if your game meets our marketability and performance milestones. This is a big part of choosing a partner, but not the only factor – we also look at your overall project, team, brand, and program fit. This can take several weeks, depending on the volume of applicants.

  • Conduct user acquisition testing to evaluate marketability and performance. Unity covers all associated costs.
  • Establish an official partnership, depending on performance and overall program fit.


Now the fun part: working with Unity to accelerate your game. If you become an official partner you will get access to a dedicated team of game operations experts who will work with you directly. We then make sure we can effectively scale your game with paid acquisition. This can include optimizations around the game economy, ad placements, in-app purchases, app store optimization, player engagement, and more. Once ready, Unity will fund user acquisition campaigns while we split all advertising and in-app purchase revenue 50/50 after acquisition spend has been recouped. You always keep full ownership of your studio and intellectual property.

  • Work directly with Game Growth experts to evaluate and optimize your game. 
  • Run user acquisition campaigns funded by Unity.
  • Accelerate user acquisition across multiple channels and regions.
  • Continue in-game optimization to improve player engagement and reduce churn.

We want to be clear about the terms up front so you can decide if Game Growth is the right program for you. Let’s break down the revenue sharing with an example:

  • An indie developer has a mobile game that makes $3,000/month. They apply to the Game Growth program. Unity spends $100,000/month to acquire new users to the game, retains those users with dedicated live operations support, and grows the game to $130,000/month in revenue.*
  • Unity would first recoup their $100,000 in monthly user acquisition costs, leaving $30,000 in monthly revenue. So the developer and Unity would share that $30,000 equally, giving $15,000 to the developer and $15,000 to Unity.*

*This model would continue throughout the partnership. We’re using this fictitious example to illustrate the revenue sharing model only. The exact investment/revenue amounts will not always be consistent month over month.


This is the final phase of partnership with the Game Growth program. Eventually, we reach the point in the lifecycle of the game where user acquisition is no longer effective. Once this happens, the partnership winds down. It’s a good time to consider how you’ll grow your next project. Our mission is to set up independent creators for long-term success and for developers to outgrow the program. Ideally, you’ve accumulated a larger player base, gained extensive knowledge of live game operations, integrated valuable technology, and generated enough revenue to self-fund another game or passion project.

  • Gradually decrease user acquisition as the game matures.
  • Conclude partnership or explore your next project with Game Growth.
Program guidelines

We designed the Game Growth program to be open to as many developers as possible, but before you apply, make sure you meet the criteria. Keep in mind that meeting these guidelines will allow you to successfully apply to the program, but it does not guarantee partnership.

Your game must be made with Unity

Specifically, your project must be built on Unity version 2018.4 or later. This is a requirement for integrating the Game Growth package, which contains multiple SDKs that must be compatible with Unity.

Your game must be mobile and free to play

At the moment, we’re only accepting applications from free-to-play (F2P) games available for iOS or Android. So long as it’s free to play, your game can be any type or genre.

Your game must be already published

Your game must be currently live and published on the Google Play or Apple App Store. This is necessary for us to assess real performance data and determine the best way to acquire new users.

Your project must be connected to Unity Dashboard

Your project must be connected to the Unity Dashboard and have a valid project ID. This will allow you to integrate a Game Growth package in later steps.

Your game must be targeted for players age 13 years and older

We are currently not accepting games aimed at audiences younger than 13 years of age due to the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA).

You must have quality advertising assets

As part of the application process, you must submit images and videos for use in Unity ads. This allows us to test performance and help scale your game.

Your game must support English

Your game must be playable in English, and due to current program limitations, all supporting material, including all submitted images, videos, and project details, must be in English. Your game may support more languages in addition to English.


Submitting your project to the Game Growth program is straightforward and begins right in the Unity Dashboard.

Begin application on the Unity Dashboard

Application is easy; all you need is a valid Unity game live on iOS or Android. Then head to the Game Growth section on the Unity Dashboard and begin the process. Make sure you review the program guidelines above to ensure your project meets the criteria.

Submit project and team details

During the application, you will need to submit details about your game, development team, and some general information about your project. Please share as much information as possible to help us with the evaluation process. This allows us to better understand if your project is a good overall fit for the program and how we can work together to grow your game.

Upload creative assets

As part of the application process, you will need to upload creative assets (images and videos). Specifically, you will need to supply one end-card image and one to four videos. These give us a snapshot of your game and will potentially be used in initial user acquisition tests to determine if your game is a good fit for the Game Growth program.

Integrate Game Growth package

The final part of the application is to integrate the Game Growth starter package via the Unity Editor. The package includes a number of features, primarily DeltaDNA (Analytics) and Adjust (Attribution). This package will expand as we integrate more services into the program. Just follow the easy steps within the Unity Editor once you’ve downloaded the package.


Once you’ve submitted your project and integrated the package into your game, you’re all set for the evaluation stage. If selected, Unity will run a user acquisition test using your submitted creative assets, which will determine the marketability of your game. Once this is complete, we will contact you directly.

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