Unity Reflect for SketchUp

Turn your SketchUp models into immersive, interactive design visualization experiences in VR and AR with Unity Reflect.

Sketchup Plugin for Unity Reflect

Visualize your designs in real-time 3D

Architects, general contractors, trades, and owners struggle to understand and approve building designs when they’re delivered in 2D or complicated 3D formats. Without a single, shared collaborative environment to make decisions in real-time, communication breaks down between design disciplines and key stakeholders. This can lead to costly reworks later in the building lifecycle.

Unity Reflect is a design review and coordination solution that connects all project members on one immersive, collaborative, real-time platform regardless of device, model size, or geographic location. Bring your SketchUp models into real-time 3D, whether you use it for architectural, interior design, landscape architecture, or civil and mechanical engineering.

With Unity Reflect for SketchUp plugin, you can:

  • View SketchUp models in augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR)
  • 1:1 scale on-site AR
  • Effectively communicate design intent
  • Maintain a live link to your original design model
  • Access models from any device (iOS, Android Mac, and PC)
  • Improve design collaboration
  • Allow multiple stakeholders to access real-time 3D simultaneously
  • Scale to an unlimited number of projects, clients, and collaborators on the cloud
  • Create custom real-time 3D applications in the Unity Editor

Visit our documentation page to learn how to install the SketchUp plugin. Unity Reflect supports the 2019 and 2020 releases of SketchUp.

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Unity Reflect lets you create real-time 3D experiences to win more projects, conduct immersive design reviews, and connect design and construction.

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