Global dedicated game servers at scale

With Unity, you gain access to one of the largest purpose-built dedicated game server networks available. We supply enterprise-grade bare metal machines on monthly terms, supported at the OS level or managed by our award-winning orchestration platform and team.

Hosting AAA Multiplayer Experiences

Watch this talk where EA and Multiplay discuss launching AAA games, including details on the launch of Titanfall 2.

High performance demands the very best hardware

We only supply enterprise-grade hardware across the very best data centers in the world. Machines are supplied to order and tested with the latest or custom specifications, including CPU, RAM, storage, and OS.

Jimi Doss, COO, Tripwire

“I just wanted to say that working with you guys has been awesome. Your customer service has been top notch.”

Jimi Doss, COO, Tripwire

Be everywhere you need to be

Work with our global team of game server, connectivity and support specialists, servicing over 33 locations with more than 100 enterprise data centers.


Free proof of concept

Discuss your real-time multiplayer project with our team of solution engineers. Once we understand the unique requirements of your project, we will provide you with a free proof-of-concept deployment. Discover how our focus on efficiency and cost-effectiveness will ensure your game’s ongoing success.

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