Live Entertainment

Create trailblazing virtual, augmented and interactive live entertainment experiences for attendees anywhere with Unity.

Unity in Live Entertainment

VR Concert
Virtual Events

Unity is powering the evolution of Live Entertainment. Create, run and monetize virtual events with Unity that captures new audiences and fosters rich community engagement.

Augmented Reality
Augmented Reality

Give audiences an unforgettable, reality-bending performance experience with Unity’s industry-leading, easily deployable AR toolkits.

Metaverse demo
Your path to the Metaverse

Live Entertainment is a key driver to the Metaverse. Build a home for your global community in the Metaverse with Unity.

WTTOS Cathedral
Digital Twins

Build a dynamic virtual copy of your physical venue with the world’s leading real-time 3D platform and easily produce virtual events in them.

VR Experiences
VR Experiences

Power vivid, memorable, immersive live experiences with Unity’s XR toolkit, including spatial audio, High-Definition Rendering Pipelines, and gorgeous particle systems to elevate your shows.

Live Visuals

Create and perform live visual accompaniments to any show with Unity - the only limit is your imagination. Give your show a unique flare by leveraging Unity features including VFX Graph, Timeline and Customizable Shaders.

Why choose Unity

Unity’s modular tools let you produce highly engaging, interactive, virtual and augmented Live Entertainment experiences and deliver them to fans around the world.

Creator Engine

Over 50% of games today are made with Unity, and billions of people use Unity-powered apps every month. Creator-favored tools power the foundation of today’s gamified and performant entertainment experiences.

Asset Store

With a massive library of high-quality assets on the Asset Store, Unity makes it possible for creators at every point along the performance and development pipeline to easily and collaboratively design virtualized, augmented and deeply interactive events.

Multi-Platform Support

Maximize audience size by meeting the growing demand for cross-platform content. Frictionless multiplatform support allows easy deployment to users, so your team can focus more on building an unforgettable experience.

Powerful Analytics

Easily capture insights about attendee behavior to improve the user experience. Utilize revenue analytics to better understand the financial drivers of your event.

Connect at Scale

Built-in packages such as server hosting, multiplayer and voice/text chat allow easy integration of interactivity into your experience.

Support and Services

Optimize troubleshooting with access to Unity’s User Manual and knowledge base. Premium support packages allow you to quickly find solutions.

Powered by Unity

Future Fest

With the FutureBots, Future Fest is piloting change and innovation in the interactive digital event space.

Candystations: Deborah Johnson

A gorgeous visual accompaniment to a modern classical composition.

VRrOOm: Jean-Michele Jarre

One of Electronic Music’s all-time-greats performing virtually in the world’s most famous cathedral.

AR Experience with Childish Gambino

A fully immersive Donald Glover experience powered by Unity.

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Global event producers and indie virtual destination creators are harnessing the power of Unity to virtualize and augment Live Entertainment Experiences.

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