SpeedTree 9.5.0


SpeedTree Modeler 9.5.0

To access prior versions of SpeedTree Modeler, version 9.0 and below, please visit store.speedtree.com


  • Frond sections: Added the ability to identify sections of a Frond mesh and have them bend differently based on procedural properties.
  • Projectors: Added a Projector scene object that uses ray casting to scatter details onto selected generators.
  • New generator: Added a Base generator for use with Projector scene objects.
  • Height maps: Added height map support to Leaf, Batched leaf, and Frond generators.
  • Cutout Editor: Added section painting for use with Frond sections.
  • Cutout Editor: Added improved painting tools, including brush size, falloff, and opacity margin.
  • Cutout Editor: Added improved tessellation functionality, including a new cut mode and an option for edge refinement. These features also improve how masks apply to meshes.
  • Open dialog: Added the ability to search by metadata and run more complex searches using search syntax.
  • Export dialog: Added the option to Group by Generator to the export dialog.


  • Launch dialog: Redesigned the launch dialog with shared VFX and games functionality.
  • Export dialog: Redesigned the export dialog with shared VFX and games export functionality.


  • Error messages: Fixed a bug where new assets could cause unfixable "Geometry Force not ready" errors until the file was reloaded.
  • Exporting: Fixed an issue with separate mesh handling that resulted in bad UVs in the exported mesh.
  • Exporting: Fixed the Flip opacity option in static mesh exports so it’s now working properly.
  • Generators: Fixed a crash that happened when converting Leaf mesh generators to Batched leaf generators.
  • Generators: Fixed Zone nodes so they no longer rotate 90 degrees when selected in node editing mode.
  • Help links: Fixed an issue with in-Modeler Help links so they now go to the correct documentation page.
  • Mesh editing: Fixed a crash that happened when using feature vertices.
  • Scene cameras: Fixed a bug that caused shadow map errors in letterboxed Scene camera projections.
  • Scene cameras: Fixed an issue with FBX camera imports so failed imports are now reported and handled correctly.
  • Scene cameras: Fixed material exports from rotated Scene cameras so they now have correct normal maps.
  • Wind: Fixed a bug that caused Frond geometry to separate from the parent branch when using the VFX wind mode.
  • Wind: Fixed exported files with Games wind so they correctly indicate which wind effects are enabled.

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